Will destroy the state at any time: Ukraine received six serious problems

Разрушат государство в любой момент: Украина обрела шесть серьезных проблем

Ukraine has many problems that could bury her as a state

Journalist Vyacheslav Cecile have shared their thoughts about the future of Ukraine and its problems. He brought six of them, who may be deprived of statehood. This writer wrote in a blog on the Editor-in-chief.

Разрушат государство в любой момент: Украина обрела шесть серьезных проблем

“The geopolitical conflict with Russia, and in the future with its Western neighbors. Which is a direct consequence of the prevailing ideology and can not be solved without failure he is not.”, — the journalist writes.

Also the expert notes that we have a political problem. The contradictions in society and of regional differences. If they can resolve it very soon.

“The quality of elites — Ukraine again run by people which don’t need it. But that’s half woes. They are greedy and stupid.”, — writes were cecilo.

The demographic problem is also not aloof. The population is aging and shrinking, and the departure of young people exacerbates the situation. In the next decade, the state will become a country of pensioners and civil servants.

Разрушат государство в любой момент: Украина обрела шесть серьезных проблем

Economic problems — this complex is a nightmare. Our economy is sharpened by the “banana” structure is present and the unbearable quality of the business environment, said the journalist.

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“Financial in the good the national debt is already impossible to maintain. In fact, the default is only masked by the building of the debt pyramid and injections of IMF money in the hope of a “miracle”.”, — concluded the expert.

Any problems can bury Ukraine. Chances for a different outcome, almost none. But you can begin to solve each of them separately.

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