Wife of Andrew Giulana Diana ochilova hinted at the change of actor

The star of “Univer” and “Sachitano” Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova decided to divorce just a year after the wedding, which was preceded by seven years of relationship. The girl hinted to fans that the reason for the separation from her husband began his affair.

Fans of Andrew Giulana and Diana Ochilboy have long suspected that the relationship between spouses, not everything went smoothly. Fans of the pair noticed that the actor’s wife last put their joint photo with her husband back in July, when they went together on vacation in San Francisco.

Now, the girl who is now studying to be an actress, shares with followers only own pictures taken in the theater, where she tries his hand, and at various events, Diana can not see Andrew. This leads fans of the spouses on the idea that the couple gave a crack. Their guesses are confirmed friends of the family Giulana. As it turned out, the couple just don’t get along with each other, but had already decided to terminate their marriage.

“They’re really going to get a divorce. This relationship has always been complicated. Lived on a volcano – argued and reconciled, and so on. They even took a break to save his family” – said in an interview with “StarHit” the friends of the couple – “But nothing came of it: the guys drifted apart and each went his own way. Andrei continuous shooting, Diana educated and engaged”.
Guess fans of the star of “Univer” the divorce was confirmed last posts Ochilboy on Instagram. In a recent publication the girl actually said goodbye to her husband, wishing him to find a man with whom he is on the way.

And subsequent positions of Diana, which she signs with the phrase “Creative release”, and even made her followers worried about her psychological health. Publications Ochilboy you can understand what she’s going through a divorce. The actor’s wife hinted to fans that they not just decided to get a divorce he cheated on her.

In the latest video posted by Diana, it lies in the clothes in the bathroom and behind the scenes are the poems in which she talks about betrayal.

“You’ve become such a new, alien. Honey, you are not to face betrayal. Honey, please leave,” – said in them.
In comments to the video the wife Giulana explained that shot this video to show his state of mind. She also asked the followers how to cope with the pain she is experiencing.

“Creative release. Sharing with you my mental explosion,” commented strange video ocelova – “it’s not easy… I Think after seeing this video, I will be understood only by those who are going through similar, but also those who are blessed destiny. Maybe someone knows how to soothe the pain?”.

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