Wife Mustache stunned in USA, photos leaked to the network: “the best support”

Жена Усика ошеломила внешним видом в США, фото слили в сеть: «лучшая поддержка»

Wife of former world champion Alexander Usik Catherine flew to Chicago to support him before the fight with Reese Witherspoon

The footage was published Xsport.

So, Mustache is waiting for his debut fight against Reese Witherspoon and the arrival of the wife before the fight will be for him the best support.

The published photo the Mustache and his wife look serious. Both dressed in black and sitting at the table.

Жена Усика ошеломила внешним видом в США, фото слили в сеть: «лучшая поддержка»

As previously reported, the promoter of former undisputed world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik Alexander Krasyuk has spoken about the debut of his ward in the heavyweight division in a fight against Cassa Witherspoon.

According to the Manager, the upcoming fight will be for his client a formality on the way to further achievements, but to hold it, because the Ukrainians should finally leave the ring after a long idle time.

After this fight Alexander Usik in the status of mandatory Challenger for the WBO title will receive a title shot against the winner of the rematch between current belt holder Andy Ruiz and former champion Anthony Joshua.

“We couldn’t cancel and move the fight to a later date. Usyk has already held two training camps. The first time he got injured, and now we just need it to efficiently do their job and find a replacement to Spong. It is necessary more in the end to hold the first battle in supertech, because it is already in the status of mandatory Challenger for the world title.

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This fight is a formality, when viewed from the standpoint of its career advancement. A battle not to, and just wait the result of revenge Joshua Ruiz. However, the Tendril is already 11 months is not hitting, he needs to leave the ring, to feel it, to box, and to come to a new horizon,” said Krasyuk.

Жена Усика ошеломила внешним видом в США, фото слили в сеть: «лучшая поддержка»

Recall that the expert estimated the chances of the Barbel in superteach: “it’s too early to go to Joshua.”

As reported Politeka previously disclosed the secret to winning Moustache: “the Fat champion bring exclusive”.

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko’s chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division.