Wife Mishka showed a rare photo with her husband: “Unreal”

Жена Кошевого показала редкие фото с мужем:  "Нереальные"

The wife of the actor Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh showed delicate pictures with Eugene Koshov

Photo, where there is a husband was published on the page of Xenia Mishka in the social network Instagram.

In the pictures couple sensual poses for the camera. The photographer recorded their sensual kiss in the photo.

Жена Кошевого показала редкие фото с мужем:  "Нереальные" Жена Кошевого показала редкие фото с мужем:  "Нереальные"

“Love in black and white manifestations,” wrote the wife of the Cossack in the description of the photo.

Followers of Xenia and Eugene Koshevoy wrote a lot of laudatory comments, noting that their pair looks very nice.

“A beautiful couple”, “You are unreal,” “More joint photo”, “Real gang”, “With a photographer you certainly are lucky !!Super photo!”, “Love is love❤ this Kosow, VI Krut”, “Beautiful couple 🙂 pozitivchik” — posted by users.

Жена Кошевого показала редкие фото с мужем:  "Нереальные"

Earlier it was reported that the Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh faced with drunken detractors. The comedian said the attack, which has gone through recently. A bunch of drunk men attacked the artist and his companions during the trip. Eugene Kosh miraculously managed to avoid injury. According to Eugene Kosh, outraged fans have caught participants of the “Quarter 95” at the gas station and stopped behind his car. Aggressive men tried to provoke celebrities to the conflict, by insisting to be photographed. “Came out a few devils and say: “Well, boys, let’s have a drink?”. We told them: “Let you go your way, we — my,” admitted Eugene Mishka. Refusal only angered the fans. According to the comedian, the crowd began to overtake and push his car. One of the drunken young people even began to “poke the barrel out the window.”

Eugene Mishka noticed that some people alcoholic drinks “just kill”, forcing to behave inappropriately. “And if we have guns, so a bunch of drunk guys, why not just go to town and not go to someone lupanut ?! It’s disgusting and cowardice, I believe,” said “kartalovets”. He added that in the end the situation ended safely.

Recall that Eugene Mishka became the leading new projects from the Studio “Kvartal 95”.

As reported Politeka, wife and daughter Mishka has shot for fashion gloss.

Politeka also wrote that the wife of a Cossack of the Quarter-95 was struck by the candid way.