Wide waist shortens the life

Широкая талия укорачивает жизнь

Do not allow your waist to grow — that is the recommendation of scientists from the Institute of nutrition in Potsdam in Germany. The increase in the waist increases the risk of premature death.

“Nutritionists should pay close attention to the smallest obesity, where the waistline is just starting to increase in volume,” said the researchers.

According to scientists, to health can negatively affect not just the overall increase in body mass – is of great importance that, where the deposited excess fat. They found that an increase in the parameters of the waist 5 inches increases the likelihood of sudden death in men 17%, women 13%. This conclusion was made after analyzing the data of several studies on the problem of obesity.

Note that the American scientists, whose data were published in the scientific journal Archives of Internal Medicine also came to the conclusion that a wide waist is associated with high mortality. Having studied information about more than 100 thousands of men and women over the age of 50 years, they stated: a very wide waist which is equivalent to 58 size by Russian standards, doubles the likelihood of death in both sexes.


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