“Why Your daughter’s apartment? She to her husband though life goes”

«Зачем дочери Вашей квартира? Она к мужу пусть жить идёт»

— Now he is the husband of my daughter, and then to help me! You climb to it constantly, my daughter Rob? cried Olga Arkadyevna.

— Who gave You the right to yell at me in my house? — quietly asked mother, mother in law of my brother.

— Where is it? He You bought there? Here give! — demanded guest.

— I from the wall to tear off the water heater? — sarcastically asked the mother. — Wooden house without running water, and what are You gonna do with it? On the wall hang like a trophy?

It’s not Your concern! Or give to a water heater, or half of the money for it. Let me remind You that all the money in their marriage are jointly leave those! Here half of my daughter! — Olga Arkadyevna held out his hand. — Or she’ll tear off from the wall that he bought You!

While mom was arguing with the mother’s brother’s wife, I called Bob:

Hey! Here we have the wife’s mother is your rowdy, needs the money. Water heater threatens to take away. Come, settle down?

Wife sent. Let her with this vixen speaks. sighed brother and passed out.

Oh, silly me. Wanted to help my mother, to brother, mother-in-law took, and now this will come and they with Olga Arkadievna together will be the mother of the plague. While I was talking on the phone, the quarrel has changed the location and went to the bathroom. Mom stood and defended water heater, mother-in-law brother struggled trying to push mom and Assembly, the cause of the conflict, to get. I tried to calm down an angry woman:

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— Olga Arkadyevna, let’s go get some tea, calm down and talk normally. You’re a grown civilized man, and broke into someone’s house.

Now I still lapwing learn to be! Someone’s house — ha! The son-in-law is here to share the sixth part, if I’m not mistaken! So I, as a member of his family, have every right to be here! Do not give the water heater, I have You live move!

Mom was momentarily speechless, then said:

— Daughter! Call the police! So tell me — Rob!

— Take his — it’s a robbery, do you? Yes, I…

I left the room and called the district. Keep it close to the next house, so they promised after 5 minutes. I went, wanted to open the door but it was open. The cries still rang out on the whole house.

I listened — not only cries, and even some scuffling. I looked in the bathroom and saw two adult females, already grandmother, drenched shampoos and sprinkled with washing powder, grabbed each other’s hair and exchanged insults.

— Will you stop already? By then ashamed. Children’s eyes how to see you? — I asked.

— Normally I would be, in the eyes! I protect their interests! Your mother is always with them extorts! — screamed mother-in-law’s brother.

— Do You extort? Son You added a greenhouse a super-duper kind of bought a washing machine You have a broken is my son bought! So, who’s talking! — said the mother.

— This is different! I die, all the daughter stay, she got one! And You have two kids! A legacy to share! cried Olga Arkadyevna.

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I now, daughter back stick? — asked stunned by such a Declaration the mother.

— Well, why so dramatically? The legacy to his son will and all! Why Your daughter’s apartment? She to her husband let him live go!

Here and police arrived, pilfered fighting grandmothers. One shoved the second finger wagged. However, a strange wandering thoughts in the mind of the mother-in-law brother, very strange!

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