Why you need to know your waist circumference

Почему необходимо знать свой обхват талии

To sew or buy a perfectly fitting thing you need to know the parameters of bust, waist, hips and height. Provided precisely made measurements to determine the size pretty easy

To give a complete description of the state of human health it is important to consider a number of individual parameters of the body. A focus only on the arrow on the scales, but it is fundamentally wrong. Various indicators, including waist circumference — are very important to identify disorders in the body, this is similar to Suprun.

Почему необходимо знать свой обхват талии

The body mass index

One such parameter is the body mass index, it represents the ratio of weight and height. And shows what weight category of people you belong. But it does have its drawbacks. The index shows the total amount of fat in the body, not considering how adipose tissue is distributed. And although the excess fat is a negative indicator, all you should pay attention exactly where it accumulates.

The most dangerous fat on the waist, in the abdomen. It coats the intestines, pancreas and liver, and impairs their function. The more of this body fat, the higher the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even some types of cancer.

The measurement of waist circumference

The measurement of waist circumference is the most accurate index to identify the quantity of dangerous fat. According to the who, an increased risk of developing serious disease occurs when the waist circumference in men is equal to 94 cm and women 80 cm Extremely high risk appear when you are 102 cm and 88 cm, respectively.

Another important indicator

Coefficient, which can be used to determine elevated health risks of being overweight — the ratio of waist circumference to hip size. To obtain this parameter, it is necessary to measure these indicators are in centimeters and divided among themselves: the waist on the hips (in centimeters). Health risks increase dramatically if the ratio for men is higher at 0.95 for women — 0,85.

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Почему необходимо знать свой обхват талии

Excess weight indicates health problems. Extra pounds increase the risk of many dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is important to follow your weight and waist girth. To be active, to eat right, to respect the day.

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