Why to plan a pregnancy: important points

Зачем планировать беременность: важные моменты

More and more responsible couples who want to be parents turn for help to plan pregnancy

Some couples wonder why I bother to plan a pregnancy, if it all happens.

Зачем планировать беременность: важные моменты


Fill the deficit of vitamins, a full study of health indicators of possible diseases, conditions and predispositions to them even before pregnancy allow time to adjust all the possible negative aspects.

If you used every evening to relax in the alcohol, smoke, colds, etc. but one day, after reading on the Internet about the “right” window, decided it was time to act, with responsible parenting and preparation for pregnancy, it has nothing to do. Of course, moms are health problems that are completely impossible to resolve. But it is their early diagnosis allows the technician to predict possible during a future pregnancy complications and the time to assign them the proper correction.

Important points

Many complications that arise during pregnancy, is due to the changing status of women: that is, before pregnancy, a woman felt good. And tests that would confirm the number of abnormalities or infections she simply did not give up.

Also even before pregnancy it is important to identify the lack of immunity to rubella and be vaccinated: this will relieve the mother from stress and the likelihood of malformation of the baby, if she gets rubella during pregnancy and will not be vaccinated. Also, with early diagnosis it is possible to identify and correct the iodine deficiency that will help to avoid iodine deficiency disease of pregnancy. A consultation and examination, the genetics will help to avoid the birth of a baby with malformations.

Responsible for the health of the whole family

Modern medicine aims at preventing disease, because any condition is easier to prevent than to treat. Modern obstetrics is aimed at pregnancy planning. Expectant mother it is also important to follow the doctor’s instructions, as some women ignore them, get pregnant with the initial deficit in your body necessary for the future baby substances. Remember that a number of pathologies of the fetus is formed in the first weeks of embryonic development, and correct them, taking various vitamins and medicines is impossible.

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