Why the new Apple Watch the new iPhone more interesting

The company, whose market capitalization is equal to 1/20 of the GDP of the United States, trying to charm the audience 11 years since the release of the first iPhone. Sometimes it works better, sometimes worse. Sometimes a brand creates from scratch a new niche devices, at times catching up with Android innovations. But a loyal fan of the brand remains unchanged — the magic of a bitten Apple works flawlessly. It still lies in design, in polished tandem software and hardware, in the most convenient interface, requires a minimum of fuss.

Почему новые Apple Watch интереснее новых iPhone

This year the emphasis of the main show of the year from Apple, traditionally taking place in September, has shifted from the world iron and characteristics closer to real life. Of course, the audience showed its new smartphones — they were the advanced model of the iPhone Xs, Max and Xs is the simpler variation of Xr. More powerful processor — A12 Bionic — now is not the thing in itself, but the basis for a wide range of augmented reality technologies: virtual roulette to full games, when the monsters come out straight from your Desk. Pump and chamber. But the emotions from the seen suggest that far more revolutionary product began speaking on “warming up” the iPhones smart watch — Apple watch Series 4.

Prettier from all sides, they finally crossed the threshold with the words “skepticism” before which still marking time by many manufacturers.

Today, the device claims on a much more personal and responsible place in the life of the owner, than ever before. Despite the presence of a heart rate monitor, Series 3 remained, by and large, a backup smartphone. Although Autonomous at the expense of the cell module. But the fourth generation Apple Watch is nearly your personal doctor. A mobile hospital if you want. And here’s why.

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Screen devices grew by one third — it is possible to fit it with more information than before. And judging by the personnel with the presentation, each area of the dial “infograf” contains useful data: training time, the UV index or air temperature.

Optical heart rate sensor allows you to track heart rate from the beginning been an important part of the Apple Watch. Now he can recognize when a heart rhythm is too low for 10 minutes with no activity, and then the clock will alert a low pulse. This situation may be caused by bradycardia — a violation that can lead to serious consequences, if the heart will not provide the body with sufficient oxygenated blood. When the pulse is suddenly going wild, the clock is signal.

Почему новые Apple Watch интереснее новых iPhone

The gadget is now able to build and electrocardiogram of the owner, what is, perhaps, the main innovation of the device. It is qualitatively different level of measurement, compared with the heart rate monitor.

And he determines that the owner may fall. A system of gyroscopes and accelerometers distinguished by the usual waves of hands from those that accompany balancing, for example, for ice. If you still fell, the screen will appear warning that you can dismiss or use to call for help. If you don’t respond within a minute, the Apple Watch will call the emergency services and sends a message to your loved ones. Yes, it sounds great in theory, but will work in Ukraine — the big question. However, it is possible to assume that among the private clinics will certainly be those that will promptly offer customers integration.

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Anyway, help is a separate function of the “Emergency call SOS”. If enabled, the Apple Watch will call the emergency services (or, hopefully, still on a configurable number) and send your family a message with your location. And on the screen appears the data of your “medical records” that doctors can navigate faster.

In an ideal environment, where insurance companies, clinics, private doctors and the ambulance are connected together, any such device opens up broad prospects for all. For example, you as the owner of the watch can not only continuously monitor the health, varying load and time consulting a doctor, but also to get the best deals on health insurance. Unless, of course, not “lacite” either in the gym or on the track or in the bar on weekends. Insurance companies can also see your statistics and optimize the rates and costs, reducing their risks. Finally, the medical community takes much less of a hassle to adjust the trajectory of your health, rather than after the fact to pump in the ICU when “to drink “Borjomi” is” already quite late. Everybody wins. But what will happen in reality — the big question.

Although better, of course, does not hurt. And to use a maximum of only one clock application “breath” to reduce stress and improve overall well-being — the new version of hours he was taken immediately to one of the dials.

Special attention to the medical aspect hours giving in General, applications with useful features: in the Arsenal to help you better respect the diet or medical requirements such as diabetes.

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As for the sports aspect, in many ways he saved from Series 3: hours recognize types of exercises, be able to swim. Coming out of the water, you need to spin the dial the Digital Crown to the vibration of sound from the speaker removed the excess moisture, here is an example of the very sophisticated stuff. Preserved and well-proven branded ring activity indicators, which can be shared with friends and functionality which supports the regime of competition: the winner is the one who gets seven days more points.


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