Why the charger is not possible to write in the socket

Training and production processes is impossible without the use of tablets, phones, laptops and other gadgets.

Чому зарядний пристрій не можна залишати в розетці

Training and production processes is impossible without the use of tablets, phones, laptops and other gadgets. These devices require maintaining battery charge by using the charger. Almost all users have more device in the bag in the nightstand, in bed, in the kitchen. And few after use, pay attention to turn them off, most often it remains in the socket. And is it safe?

How to safely use the phone charger

To keep things plugged in without supervision is itself a violation of fire safety. One of the most common causes of fire – short circuit. The ordinary consumer is unlikely to know that his charger something wrong. Unnecessary heating of the device housing, the majority just shrugs, explaining that conventional energy consumption, informs Rus.Media.

By the way, this condition is normally provided ongoing charging process. If the gadget is already disabled, then heating the charger indicates a fault of the device.

This can lead to melting of the plastic as the device, and the housing outlet. Fire and short circuit in this case is to be expected. Even if the charger does not get hot, the risk of short circuit still remains (for example, the jump in voltage).

It is because of power surges in the network specialists do not recommend to leave your gadgets charging all night. Can break down as the charger itself, and a gadget that worked with it.

If you have a power strip with surge protection or the function is equipped with the gadget, it is possible not to worry about disruptions in supply of electricity will not damage zarazaga device.

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Many say that leaving your phone (laptop, tablet) connected to the power outlet after it is fully charged, we are significantly reducing battery life, and hence “life” of the gadget. This statement raises a lot of controversy on the Internet. Supporters of the shutdown gadget immediately after charging justify its action the protection of the battery. Opponents say that on average people change their gadgets every two years, and at this time, the battery will be enough, so there is no sense of “bother”.

Besides all modern devices have built-in controllers that after the charging stops supplying energy to battery, not letting it “overflow”. So if you are not an old gadget, you can track the time of its full charge, but if your device becomes too hot during the charging process and after its completion, it makes sense to disconnect it immediately.

And another aspect: when you are disconnected the charger the ongoing consumption of electricity. Of course, it is negligible, up to 3 watts per hour, in monetary terms, it is mere pennies. But if there are several chargers in the apartment, not to mention an apartment house or office, you should think about extra costs.

It is useful to remove the charger from the power outlet if you have at home, there are fans something to chew from boredom (dog or cat). Better if they’ll cut the wire that there will not be any tension.

To avoid various problems associated with chargers, you should just get into the habit of unplugging them and all the unused devices: phones, tablets, laptops. When you follow these recommendations the risk of trouble will be minimized.

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