Why sunburn you can’t treat panthenol: a doctor’s prescription

Почему солнечные ожоги нельзя лечить пантенолом: ответ медиков

Why panthenol is not the best choice for the treatment of burns

For starters, look to its lineup, reports the publication Сlutch with reference to the representatives of all-Ukrainian Union of paramedics.

The main ingredient panthenol — Dexpanthenol — provitamin B₅, a derivative form and an alcohol analogue of Pantothenic acid. In the process of metabolism in the body dexpanthenol is oxidized to Pantothenic acid, has regenerative, dermatoprotectornoe action.

Почему солнечные ожоги нельзя лечить пантенолом: ответ медиковExcipients:

  • Cetostearyl alcohol (type a) emulgirovaniu — contributes to the homogeneity of the solution;
  • Macrogolglycerol of Cocoate — surfactant, adjusts the foaming;
  • Methylparaben (Е218) — preservative;
  • Propylene glycol — solvent, has antibacterial properties;
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate — regulates the acidity of the medium;
  • Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate — auxiliary substance;
  • Purified water;
  • Tetraborate — provides cold.

So, dexpanthenol skin. And it is written on the packaging — healing wounds. But (!) not written by burns. The wound begins to heal about 5 days, and sometimes later. It is therefore advisable to use a panthenol only the 5th day.

Почему солнечные ожоги нельзя лечить пантенолом: ответ медиков

Cetostearyl alcohol — used in the production of creams and ointments and in cosmetics as a thickening agent (increases the viscosity of the emulsions to increase their stability). It already operates in the burn wound is very negative. So alcohol is not toxic, but is known adverse reaction (urticaria and hypersensitivity reactions).

If this wonderful tool was only two substances — water and tetraborate he would do was called the burn tool. For any burn wound, we need to humidify and cool. And that’s all.

Unfortunately, panthenol does not provide neither the first nor the second action. And finally. Without chemistry, only physics: putting on the hot wound of the scalp, you block the only true way to cool the wound. She had nowhere to give the heat only inside, deepening the burn. Be cautious, observe the rules of stay in the sun and enjoy summer warmth.

We will remind, about first aid for burns at home.

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