Why sugar is useful: the doctors spoke about the fiction of “white death”

Почему сахар полезен: медики рассказали о вымыслах «белой смерти»

It is considered that sugar and salt – white death. However, this statement is incorrect, and completely abandon the consumption of sugar is not recommended. This is the conclusion after numerous studies, doctors came

According to doctors, the sugar must be present in the diet as glucose, which is formed in the organism after cleavage of sugars gives the person a boost of energy and improves its performance.

In addition, it was found that sugar promotes the production of dopamine – the hormone responsible for good mood.

In addition to sugar, it is also recommended to eat natural chocolate. Sucrose and flavonoids contained in this product have antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system and keep youth.

Почему сахар полезен: медики рассказали о вымыслах «белой смерти»

In addition, the natural sugars present in fresh vegetables, fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

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We should add that scientists have found what healthy food is shown to people suffering intense emotional stress. Due to its special composition, these products will help relieve tension and reduce stress. It is noteworthy that dark chocolate, made from cocoa beans can help improve mood and relieve stress, and maintain clarity of thinking. Also made with dark chocolate, homemade mousse, protein bars and muffins help reduce inflammation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Earlier Politeka wrote that stress leads to the appearance of fatty tissue on the human body, which can lead to excess weight and obesity. Stress in the blood sugar imbalance and diabetes occurs. Immunity decreases, which leads to insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even depression — the disease, the severity of which can never be neglected.

Also Politeka wrote about what sweets you can eat for Breakfast without compromising the shape. They can satisfy your desire for sweets, and will not gain extra inches.