Why numb hands the doctor told about the possible diseases

Почему немеют руки: врач рассказал о возможных болезнях

The doctor told me when to be tested, if numb hands

Causes of numbness can be many, some of which are quite normal, but some can be a symptom of the disease.

Quite a popular phenomenon when a person loses sensitivity in the hands and feet and legs and may be accompanied by tingling. It felt everyone who slept on the arm or too long sitting at the computer.

The doctor-neurologist of the highest category Alexey Sidelkovsky said that there is numbness in the extremities, safe and dangerous.

“Safe“ numbness – this is when any area of the body numb due to prolonged does not change position or too tightly constricted parts of the body (e.g. the strap of the Shoe, armband, or strap) is constriction of blood vessels.

Почему немеют руки: врач рассказал о возможных болезнях

This type of numbness is not caused by internal diseases. Too long stagnation of the blood can lead to serious consequences, in particular, compartment syndrome, thrombohemorrhagic syndrome and sepsis.

A dangerous numbness is the regular numbness that is not caused by long-term estate or by compression. Important: if numb not only the limb, but the areas that are not prone to “wicking“ (the face, back, genital area), the reasons can be different diseases.

Peripheral neuropathy. It is a violation of the nerves located in the hands or feet. It is a common phenomenon among the elderly.

Starting diabetes of the second type. One of the first symptom of diabetes is the tingling or numbness of the feet.

A lack of vitamins. If the body lacks vitamins E, B1, B6, B1, it may crash the nervous system.Also B12 deficiency is the cause of peripheral neuropathy. Tingling in the hands or feet may cause a large amount of vitamin B6

Certain infection. Numbness or tingling may indicate such diseases as herpes, varicella, HIV.

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Poisoning toxins. If we are talking about cases of poisoning by salts of heavy metals — lead, arsenic, mercury, thallium, and certain industrial chemicals. But also some antibiotics can cause numbness in the hands or feet.

The effects of trauma or excessive physical exertion. When injuries occur a pinched or damaged nerve endings, which is difficult to diagnose immediately.

Smoking. Nicotine restricts blood flow to vessels supplying the peripheral nerves.

What if numb hands and feet:

If the tingling persists, you should consult a doctor.

You will need to take a blood test that will show if there is diabetes, vitamin deficiency, problems with the liver and kidneys.

Почему немеют руки: врач рассказал о возможных болезнях

Will have to make a study of the cerebrospinal fluid, which will help to identify the antibodies associated with peripheral neuropathy. Depending on the test results, the doctor will prescribe treatment.

Recall that the spots on the neck speak of dangerous diseases: a serious reason to go to the doctor.

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