Why not not only to talk bad about the husband, but to think

After only one complaint on a loved one, it is possible to destroy all in a moment.

Чому не можна не тільки говорити погано про свого чоловіка, але і думати

So why you should not complain about her husband and whether it is important for a healthy, strong relationship?

A healthy relationship

So, let’s order. Why do women complain about their men? The reasons are many: some are trying to vent their anger, someone can’t speak frankly to her husband and to Express all that is not enough, and some people just like to wash dirty linen in public. Some complain about her friends, others constantly write in the forums of women what their husbands are assholes, but it’s all wrong and very bad, informs Rus.Media.

So, to throw out the emotions you need, but you should think about the reverse side of the coin: how these actually look the part. It’s your husband, you chose him, she married him, forced no one forced you. So you can’t choose, my fault. So?

Чому не можна не тільки говорити погано про свого чоловіка, але і думати

I exaggerate, of course, but it’s far from the truth. After all, you chose a life partner, your family, and you’re talking shit about him to other people. Let’s analyze point by point why it should not do.

So you’re ruining the reputation of her husband

Here, for example, you tell your friend that your husband has promised not to do. What is the impression? That’s right, that he’s irresponsible. If anything this friend is unlikely to recommend it to someone at work, for example. But rumors travel at the speed of light. You don’t know it, a reputation your husband will be spoiled.

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And when in the close circles will develop a General impression of it, which was based first on your complaint, to deny him would be impossible. So you are able to ruin the reputation of his family in the eyes of relatives and friends.

Чому не можна не тільки говорити погано про свого чоловіка, але і думати

You’re no longer respect her husband

I agree, it’s hard to respect a man of whom you speak. And after all, most of these complaints are exaggerated, but? ringing out, they take more importance. After a while you start to think about what made the wrong choice and that nothing is. Try for a change to compliment my husband, it’s healthier for a relationship.

You no longer respect yourself

Sounds strange? Not at all! After All, logically, if you call him a jerk, then you are, live with him, you’re his mate. It really undermines the self-esteem.

Чому не можна не тільки говорити погано про свого чоловіка, але і думати

This causes problems with loyalty

If you constantly tell friends about what a husband you have a bad, sooner or later you’ll hear a clear advice: “So find another!” And then you think, and never will you find someone who is perfect and who are you won’t suffer. That’s just not perfect, not much.

Complaints can be the beginning of the end of your relationship. Girlfriend or mother will advise you to dump him, since he is so bad, but after you and she’ll have to think about it. And divorce is near. But where is the guarantee that this story will not be repeated with the handsome Prince, whom you will meet later?

You take away energy from men

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Your gossip behind his back you take away energy which could inspire and nurture. Instead of feeding a man gets from you is negativity. It has a bad effect on its work and performance. Simple gossip you can ruin someone’s life.

Чому не можна не тільки говорити погано про свого чоловіка, але і думати

The Council

So try to look at the man as something else, to find in it something good that you love him. Praise him, at least mentally. Don’t dwell on the fact that he did not, think about what he does every day. He continues to be with you, he makes his choice to stay with you. It is also necessary to appreciate, because you’re not perfect.

So be patient, get rid of the negativity and stop talking with a friend about her husband. Pretty soon, you will see how your relationship will change for the better!

And I know these complaints are only one of the factors that can destroy everything.

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