“Why not me?”: Vakarchuk jealous Zelensky, revealed their electoral prospects

«Почему не я?»: Вакарчук завидует Зеленскому, раскрыты его перспективы на выборах

Disclosed the truth about why Svyatoslav Vakarchuk leaking announcement of his return to politics

As reported Know.sa, ex-Deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil commented on the information that appeared in the media recently that the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has once again decided to try his luck in politics and wants to participate in the electoral race.

Yes, it is now rumored that the actor has an office in Kiev, in addition, one the business centre with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. Officially of its decision, the singer will declare on 16 may.

“I admit that this announcement with chorus or its environment was made in order to follow up our response. And they will have this to draw conclusions — is it worth it to go, what do you say to people and how they react to it? But while we have no assurance that he will leave,” said the expert, stressing that the campaign in Parliament Vakarchuk can be explained by ambitions.

«Почему не я?»: Вакарчук завидует Зеленскому, раскрыты его перспективы на выборах

“He wants the thrill. Still, he led public work, was on the Maidan, talked to people. And now look what Zelensky without it suddenly gained 73 percent, and Glory had such an ambitious idea — but why not me? However, I have no doubt that the chorus will be just as interesting as last time. In Parliament, nothing has changed, it operates on the same principles,” — said Taras Chornovil.

Earlier we wrote that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, despite its past failures in policy, plans this fall to participate in the parliamentary election with his party. In telegram-channel “pack.Off the record”, new information about the plans of the musician.

It is reported that Vakarchuk is preparing for elections, it is not yet clear whether he plans to become a Deputy.

«Почему не я?»: Вакарчук завидует Зеленскому, раскрыты его перспективы на выборах

“However, he has already held political consultations on the unification of “healthy democratic forces””, — says the publication.

Recall that Vakarchuk went to extremes for the sake of Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, revealed the name of the oligarch who push through Vakarchuk in politics.

Also Politeka wrote that Vakarchuk disgraced decision to get into Parliament.