Why not abandon lunch

Почему нельзя отказываться от обеда

This meal is important for the body.

Many residents of the metropolis is refuse a second important meal. The reasons are different: someone does not have time, others are afraid to gain extra pounds. But the rejection of the mass of the meal brings great harm to human mood and body.

Unhealthy weight loss

Saying that you refuse to dinner, to throw a few pounds, you should be ready that wish will come true, but not quite as planned. The fact is that skipping meals can actually cause weight loss provided that you will not to fill “gaps” during dinner or snacking. That’s only to be burnt this is not subcutaneous fat, and sweat and blood earned gym muscle.

Abnormal weight gain

Have a difficult situation with weight loss in a haphazard diet has its downside, which is that the body will be hard to return to “factory settings”. That is when you realize the error and start correctly and regularly to eat, you will still have to gain mass beyond what is already deposited in body fat.

The blur of consciousness

Loss of health and distraction are common symptoms near the end of the day the hungry or half-starved week in the office. This is all affected by the lack of sugars, electrolytes and sodium, which the body converts from food into energy for the brain. Another unpleasant side effect of this is the reduction of mental and physical motivation, not giving to make a choice in favor of healthy snack food.

The fragility and pallor

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Already marked loss in the consumption of nutrients during the period of irregular power supply, it would seem, it is possible to compensate by throwing in a multivitamin, but no. In fact, due to the lower intake of protein and fat many vitamins are simply not absorbed properly, which leads to the expected deterioration of the once-elastic skin and glowing hair.

Something really serious

In comparison with the consequences of truly protracted fasting from day to day all of the above symptoms of ill health — it is a trifle. Systematic skipping of meals, particularly to reduce weight, after some time goes into the category of habits that lead to mental disorders until of anorexia.


And it is quite another level further rehabilitation to restore a healthy relationship with food.


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