Why men have harmful long sleep: what is the hidden danger

Почему мужчинам вредно долго спать:  в чем скрывается опасность

To the sad conclusion reached by scientists who observed a group of men

Spending on sleep more than 9 hours each night men are 71% more likely to have strokes. To this unexpected conclusion the American researchers.

Почему мужчинам вредно долго спать:  в чем скрывается опасность

If men spend their every night’s sleep more than 9 hours, their risk of stroke increased by 71%. Researchers from the USA, watched by a group of 16,000 people with an average age of 45 years. The observation lasted about 6 years, and during this period occurred at 460 strokes.

The study showed that the risk of stroke increases if men are dormice, that is like a long sleep and spend on this habit more than 9 hours a day. Interestingly, in women these relationships were not observed. The study also showed that the increased risk is only white but not black men.

Scientists from the University of Alabama believe that too long a sleep can be a warning sign of health problems in men. In addition, the habit of long sleep is often part of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, which men are more vulnerable to stroke than women. However, to determine the exact mechanism of this connection needs to conduct more research.

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Почему мужчинам вредно долго спать:  в чем скрывается опасность

For decades scientists told us the idea about how important it is to sleep at night. Proven that lack of sleep causes a number of serious problems, from accelerated aging and ending with high risk of cardiovascular disease and weak immune system. And now researchers have found that prolonged sleep is also fraught with certain threats. And earlier this year another team of scientists from the UK found that the habit of sleeping for 9 hours increases the likelihood of premature death by as much as 14%.

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