Why in Kiev even after short showers start the floods

Почему в Киеве даже после коротких ливней начинаются потопы

Because of the rains in many parts of the flooded roads

In the last days in Kiev for a few times it was very real floods. Because of the rains in many parts of the flooded road. Although rain was not tropical. “Country” understood why in Kiev even after a short rain starts pouring.

“The sea came home.”

Today, users actively upload videos, as cars creep along the streets of the capital, half disappearing under the water. Such a sight, for example, fixed near the metro station “left Bank”.

Users post videos with the hashtag “Okeanija” and say that it’s possible to explain why we need a high car. The low suspension cars were not able to overcome the river on the roads. Some joke: “the Sea itself has come home.”

Pedestrians had to take off our shoes so as not to spoil their shoes and cross the road almost knee-deep in water.

Fishing on the road

Flood on the streets of the capital was observed yesterday, July 23, – also after a shower. Roads flooded, humorous and Kiev came out with fishing poles to catch fish on the roadway. The video posted this to Facebook.

But the machines through the “river” ride was difficult.

Why floods streets in Kiev

Such problems arise in Kyiv quite often after heavy rains or when the snow melts in spring.

All because the storm drains couldn’t cope with the water drainage. She, like most gorseta, was built in the mid-twentieth century and were not designed for the current infrastructure. So in the time claimed in the “Kievavtodor.”

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Therefore, when a sudden overload condition (e.g., rainfall) storm system can not quickly enough to miss all the amount of water.

Another problem is that with the storm being followed by different organizations, which are not always on time they clean. So in each case you need to look for the owner. That is depends on, better or worse, began to work the halls and condominiums.

Given that street after rains began flooding heaviest in recent times, it seems, the work of public organizations has become significantly worse.

Source: strana.ua

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