Why do women like bad boys?

Women are attracted to bad boys. What is the reason of such strange behavior.

Чому жінкам подобаються погані хлопці?

After all, in the life of women meet different men. Among them, the main part is friendly and kind men. But often the woman picks men who treat her badly. Men like that a woman sees…


Bad guy shows independent behavior. Such a man behaves in a special way. Because he does not agree with the views of authorities and takes decisions on its own. The woman sees this behavior as a sign of a strong personality and unconsciously desires the attention of the men.

Interesting pastime

Communication with the bad guy makes women different emotions. The bad guy doesn’t just cheers the woman he goes much further. He is able to create for the female psyche a whole range of emotional experience. Here a woman can experience the joy, sadness, anger, passion and more. The person who creates a variety of emotions attracts women like a magnet.


People quickly get used to the good life. This also applies to men. Good behavior the man quickly becomes bored and boring. Thus, the woman does not feel the value of men. It is because regardless of her behavior, good or bad, reacts the same way.

A woman wants a man were unpredictable. She expects that he will be able to show the strength of his personality, and will not cater to her whims. Good attitude poor guy has to be earned. And when a woman does it, she sees it as a value.


Yes, it sounds strange, but the bad guy is much more honest with women, than it seems at first glance. He will not lie to the woman, through fear of losing her. He says what he thinks and for that the woman respects him. Because the bitter truth is always better than a pleasant lie.

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Skilled lover

The bad guy is dominant in bed. He is not afraid of the female body and it gives confidence in intimate relationships. The woman feels that she is in capable hands and relax. Therefore, the bad guys see a woman the opportunity to receive interesting and enjoyable intimate experience.


The bad guy behaves not just challenging, but also confident. This affects women, as a signal that in front of her strong man. Such people are not waiting for long, he takes from life what he needs. The behavior of the bad guy shows leadership qualities in his personality. He’s confident and not afraid to act.

A great sense of humor

A nice guy is afraid of women and this does not allow him to demonstrate his sense of humor. In turn, the bad guy does not suffer from this disease. He’s witty jokes, not only over themselves but also over a woman. His jokes are natural, which is lacking in the good guy. Therefore, the communication between the woman and the bad guy takes place in a positive atmosphere.


The popularity of men to women depends on his behavior and qualities that it demonstrates. If he is confident and relaxed during intercourse, women will relate to it positively. Good manners and kindness men will be of value only if he believes in himself and knows how to interest a woman, informs Rus.Media.

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