Why crying is good for your body

We are taught from childhood that crying is bad and harmful.

Чому плакати - корисно для вашого організму

Tears are helpful. They reduce pain, detoxify and protect the body. Tears themselves are a wonderful mechanism for “cleansing”. During his life, a man sheds tears in the amount of seven buckets and at the same time, women, of course, crying much more. But that’s the secret of higher life expectancy, women do not preserve all the emotions and so get rid of negativity. Tell why it’s healthy to cry, informs Rus.Media.

Tears dampen the pain

Tears help to relieve not only emotional pain, but physical as well. The thing is that the tears contribute to the development of enkephalin. This substance in its action is similar to morphine, which reduces pain.

Tears protect the body

They contain the enzyme lysozyme. It has an antibacterial effect. While crying tears into the nose and literally flush out bacteria.

Tears moisturize

It is scientifically proven that tears are responsible for ensuring that the eye does not dry up. Since our current activities are, as a rule, closely connected with the computer and the device screens, our eyes are often dry. Why doctors recommend even to cry or even to blink more often.

Tears soothe

Crying rids the body of toxins and stress hormones. After tears the heart rate and breathing slows down, feel emotional relief and peace of mind.

Tears are the language of emotions

With the help of a wailing newborn communicating with adults. But for us it is language-specific. Tears show human vulnerability. Crying does not perceive you as the enemy and unites with the source. In that case, if you don’t use the crying in order to manipulate.

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Tears prolong life
Tears to some extent, can prolong life. An opportunity to cry on, gives the body a powerful psychological discharge. We can say that, thus, the crying helps us to effectively deal with stress. As you know, women live longer than men. This is due to several factors. One of them is the emotional restraint of men. Men don’t cry, preventing thereby their emotions out. Negative emotions accumulate inside, gradually undermining the health. Women, on the contrary, inclined to give vent to his emotions and tears. Crying is also useful from the point of view of physiology. It leads to relaxation and slow breathing has a calming effect.

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