Why become a cyber athlete is harder than the athlete

Thought it was so simple? If.

Почему стать киберспортсменом сложнее, чем спортсменом

Computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset. Theoretically, all that you need competitive players to play at a professional level and making money with your favorite things. In practice, however, of the thousands wanting to get into the eSports and giving the game a lot of time and effort success is not even the tens unit. To build a career in available to every computer game is more complicated than in other sports, which need playgrounds, schools and academies.

To expand the topic in more detail, concentrate on one discipline Dota 2.

Now on the professional stage players in most cases fall in one of two ways: either rising higher and higher your rating (MMR), either through personal acquaintance with other players. When the team has a free slot, participants often recommend managers to pay attention to this or that person, which, in their opinion, could strengthen the composition. But only through connections, without high skills and the corresponding rating, in a professional team anyway is not delayed.

So, to begin your career as a cyber athlete and to draw the attention of managers, we need a high rating. For this you need to play a lot and constantly progress, because the higher the rating — the stronger become partners and rivals in public. To catch up with existing players, you have to first be head and shoulders stronger than all the others, and then learn how to win and the professionals.

Почему стать киберспортсменом сложнее, чем спортсменомcybergamer.com

Clear boundaries do not exist here, but to meet regularly in public servers with Pro players will turn out not earlier than after reaching the level of 6000-6500 MMR. Players with such a rating in Europe about a thousand (of them Ukrainians – a little more than 50). Really high rate, after which the player may draw the attention (or maybe not) eSports party — 7000-7500 MMR and above. This figure means that the player enters in a couple of hundred of the best in Europe. However, even in the top 100 of Europe there are those who for various reasons still do not play in any professional team and receives no income from the game. In the top-1000 the most.

One caveat is that to raise the rating to this level is impossible without large, very large amount of practice. Among professional players, impossible to find who’ve spent in Dota 2 is less than 15 thousand hours. For clarity: if you play 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 12 months you will be playing 2920 hours.

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This amount of time is not something terrible and frightening: to be the best, you have to work — this applies to any field. Professional footballers start training in childhood or adolescence and 20 years total live no less hours on the field.

But, unlike the players, the players have intermediate milestones. They spend years training, trying somehow to attract the attention, if not real, at least Marseille or Shakhtar. They are already in the early stages of play in certain clubs: in the youth or Amateur level, in the lower leagues the championship, the average of the top division. And, as a rule, step by step climb to a higher level, increasing your income.

Playing for the club’s First or Second League of Ukraine, football still far from the level of the Champions League or the world Cup, he was on all counts inferior to Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Artem Besedin, but he’s in professional sport, is already building a career and already earning money. “Not do I? Pay off it all sooner or later? Well, it’s time to give up and get a job?” in his mind these thoughts just nowhere to take.

Почему стать киберспортсменом сложнее, чем спортсменомNa’vi dota2.zubargaming.by

In Dota 2 it’s different. The fact that the Pro-scene here — a very small layer on the background of the total number of participants. Of the 4.6 million players from around the globe a rating of 5500 MMR and above now have about 20 thousand people is less than 0.5%. That is the other 99.5% of players in Dota 2 has no chance to get at least some kind of a professional team with a regular salary (if not too large), trainer, schedule of training and challenges. At least until then, until they are among those most 0.5%.

Professional scene is very powerful: every year the best clubs in the world compete at The International with a prize pool of over $20 million during the season regularly hosts the majors and minors, which could theoretically hit anyone (open qualifiers), but in fact are only known to all professional teams or new mixes of high-ranking players. At the level of the national teams held annually WESG, and a couple steps there are many online games on different platforms, where the prizes usually range from $100 to $1000. These funds, generally, are divided among the three best teams, each consisting of five people.

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But such events are always logged at least a few teams with average MMR in the range of 5000-6000. Again remember that over 90% of players have a rating below 3900 MMR. The difference in level of play between them — a giant, chance to defeat such an opponent is extremely small. So to get to the prizes and earn even a little money again possible only to those who have already played Dota for at least 7-8 thousand hours and has achieved a high rating (and with it the skill).

Почему стать киберспортсменом сложнее, чем спортсменомTI-8, Getty Images

The conclusion is clear. Want to be a Cyberathlete? Train! Work on yourself, develop a micro – and macro-control, learn from professionals and get your rankings up until you Steam not knock on Manager of Na’vi or Virtus.Pro. Sounds logical. But how to be sure that you generally work, and tens of thousands of hours will be wasted? In the lists of the top 1000 and top 500 players in Europe is full of those who still has no team and salary. And among those who spent the game over 15 thousand hours, a lot of guys who no matter how I try, but can not rise above 4000-4500 MMR. And will never be able to reach the level of current professionals, losing a huge amount of time, nerves and effort without any returns.

The lack of clear intermediate stages between playing for fun and getting into professional clubs with wages, eight-hour boot camps and training – the main problem for those who wants to get into eSports.

A good example appeared recently. After the last of The International history of the player OG Tobias of Taavitsainen (Topson) is not only admired insensitive. Guy from Finland, who first appeared as a part of a professional team of the highest level, went on their second LAN tournament in Vancouver and won it. Won The International. The main event of the year, the tournament with the highest prize in the history of eSports. After OG lifted the trophy, Topson has won more than $2 million in prize money.

Почему стать киберспортсменом сложнее, чем спортсменомTobias (right) — the winner TI, Getty Images

A tremendous success story, which is probably imagined in the mind of everyone who wanted to connect his life with eSports. Thanks to a successful combination of circumstances you find yourself in a professional team, two months later, she becomes the strongest in the world, and you’re a millionaire. Is not a fairy tale?

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No. Because Topson played Dota and Dota 2 with 8 years. To learn how to play at a high enough level, to assert yourself and get into a team that then won the main tournament of the year, he had to spend in the game for 12 years. How much did he make for all this time, to winning the International? A little more than $3 million. Enviable perseverance, perseverance and faith in themselves Topias (all of this eventually paid off), but what would have happened if six months ago he decided that he spends a lot of time on useless, uninstall the game and responded to the vacancy conditional sales Manager?

To make it easier to understand if they have the chance to find yourself in eSports, to facilitate the penetration of new faces to the Pro scene and relieve them from uncertainty, Dota 2 is just a necessary intermediate level between the professional clubs and the rest of the world.

In Ukraine this can contribute to the regional tournaments for local players (in all areas, where there will be enough students) and regular national tournaments for Amateurs. Preferably divided into multiple levels, so even teams with an average rating of 4000 MMR had the opportunity to compete for a symbolic prize of $50 and rise to a new level where the value can be several times higher. And strong players simply will not need to register for Amateur tournaments and spend a lot of time to win $50, if every week or two they will have the opportunity to meet equal opponents and compete for $200-300.

This requires the organizers and sponsors. This requires the recognition of eSports as an official sport in the country. This requires government support.

However, it is possible that the introduction of such (or similar) system Ukraine will subsequently be presented in professional Dota 2 is not only one club and a couple of dozen players abroad. And proud we will not only win Na’vi in 2011. Biting elbows and the sales managers who were once in the top of Europe and left the game without waiting for a call from n0tail OG will be significantly less.


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