“Why are you doing this? Stop!”: Zelensky did “hurt” in Cherkassy, scandal filmed

"Зачем вы это делаете? Прекратите!": Зеленскому сделали "больно" в Черкассах, скандал сняли на камеру

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky quarreled with journalists in Cherkasy for art

On 31 July the head of state went to inspect the local airport and the highway. In a network there was video as the journalists of the TV channel “1+1” tried to give Vladimir Zelensky bust with his own image.

Members of the media caught up with him during his working visit and showed the gift. However, the President refused to accept the sculpture and very unflattering said. He said that he learned the work from the Internet and was dissatisfied with the initiative of the author.

"Зачем вы это делаете? Прекратите!": Зеленскому сделали "больно" в Черкассах, скандал сняли на камеру

“God, where did you get this nightmare. I saw it on the Internet, why are you doing this? What nonsense. Stop… Please, I beg you” — with a smile asked Vladimir Zelensky for the journalist.

He added that the President is a person, not a sculpture, a portrait or other piece of art. It is worth noting that even during the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky asked not to put in the offices of his portraits. However, more recently, the Internet began to trade small busts of the guarantor.

As reports the edition “About everything”, the author of the sculpture became a resident of Vinnitsa named Maria. First she filled the tattoo with the image of Vladimir Zelensky, but about a month ago I decided to make him a plaster bust of a height of 23 centimeters and a weight. Maria believes that her creation is very similar to the original. Now she sells a five-pound busts through the Internet for 2 thousand hryvnias. Learning about a business trip she instructed journalists to transfer one of his works personally to the President.

"Зачем вы это делаете? Прекратите!": Зеленскому сделали "больно" в Черкассах, скандал сняли на камеру

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And on July 10 the scandal erupted during the visit of Vladimir Zelensky in Borispol. So after inspection of the local hospital, the head of state carried a local official from the party “Batkivshchyna”, who dared to raise his voice. The President publicly read information that the Secretary of Boryspil city Council Yaroslav Godunok was previously convicted for robbery with grievous bodily harm.

Indignant behavior policy, Vladimir Zelensky ordered him to leave the meeting room. While Yaroslav Godunok obeyed immediately and a few minutes snapped. At the very end of the meeting Zelensky back to this thread. So, he thanked those present and announced that the call of the acting head of SBU Ivan Bakanov about Yaroslav Godunok.

Recall Zelensky touched by the act at a football game: “in a cap and t-shirt” picture.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky stunned beach photo in Odessa: “all over the place, combat divers and special control”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has blessed the old man “cheated” Poroshenko: “Find the old man…”.