Why aging skin: the answer will help to save youth

Почему стареет кожа: ответ поможет сохранить молодость

Scientists have found that affects the skin aging. These findings will help to save youth and to solve other skin problems

Biologists from the Institute of biomedical research in Barcelona (Spain) conducted a study the skin cells of mice of different age and found that aging the fibroblasts of the dermis “lose identity”, due to the fact that there was a deterioration of the properties of the skin. The paper was published in the journal Cell.

Study leader Salvador Aznar Benita (Salvador Aznar Benitah) shared the details:

Почему стареет кожа: ответ поможет сохранить молодость

“Older people have many problems with skin that is unable to regenerate and is not a barrier, which protects the body from various infections. Until now nobody ever considered the loss of cellular identity as the cause of these problems, but this hypothesis sounds very interesting.”

Collagen and elastin — two protein that provides connective tissue strength and elasticity. Their secretion depends on the fibroblasts of the dermis — cells that synthesize the extracellular matrix.

The team from the Institute of biomedical studies used DNA chips, sequencing technology, RNA, electron microscopes to obtain images of high resolution and many other methods to understand the difference between young and old cells of the connective tkaniny. The thickness of the layer of the skin, subcutaneous and hypodermis of mice differ in different periods of time .

They found that with age, the fibroblasts acquire some of the characteristics of adipocytes (the cells that make up adipose tissue), which in turn leads to “the loss of cellular identity” and the cessation of the production of collagen. According to experts, the conformation of older fibroblasts are less expressive and “reminiscent of the indeterminate state of cells, which is observed in unborn animals.”

They note that this information will help in the future lead to more efficient wound healing and treatment against skin aging.

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Почему стареет кожа: ответ поможет сохранить молодость

Почему стареет кожа: ответ поможет сохранить молодость

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