Who will replace Zelensky in “Kvartal 95”: there was an official response from the team

Кто заменит Зеленского в "Квартале 95": появился официальный ответ команды

Vladimir Zelensky out of their business “Studio Quarter 95” in the period of presidency

In this regard, many are wondering who will replace him. Bookmakers have even began to accept the relevant bets.

So, the bookmakers think about the chances of Crapola Yuri Pikalov and Alexander playing in place of Vladimir Zelensky in “Evening quarter” as equal to the ratio of -2.00, the highest in the Elena Kravets — 50.00.Tim, however, the press service of the Studio “Quarter-95 “has already lifted the veil about who will replace Vladimir Zelensky in the Studio projects.

Кто заменит Зеленского в "Квартале 95": появился официальный ответ команды

“The new host of “League of laughter” will be Eugene Mishka, who is also one of the coaches of this project. But as both coach and lead the program Eugene can’t place coach in his team will take a different judge,” — said in the message.
As for “Evening quarter” reported on the replenishment of the cast.

“These are members of the team “Dnepr”, actors and presenters — Igor Swallow and Yuri Tkach. Also, in new records of the program will be attended by the actor Improv Live Show Vladimir Shumko. In addition, on an ongoing basis the composition of the acting troupe “Evening quarter” has officially entered Volodymyr Martynets (captain of the team “Stadium oak Grove”), ” — said in the Studio.

In addition, it became known that a children’s version of “Laugh comedian” to replace Vladimir Zelensky will come already familiar to Ukrainian audience Yuri Tkach, shooting with his participation have already been held, and the program was on the air.

At the same time, those who replace Zelensky in the adult version of the show is still unknown.

In the Studio Kvartal 95 promise to reveal the secret closer to the new filming of the 16th season, which is scheduled for autumn.

Recall Zelensky lost “Kvartal 95”, there is an urgent statement from the President’s team.
As reported Politeka, on the return Zelensky in block 95 has an agreement, announced a sudden decision.
Also Politeka wrote that it became aware of the pressure on Zelensky: “so Much dirt …”.