Who will be the new Minister of defence: Zelensky revealed details

Кто станет новым министром обороны: у Зеленского раскрыли детали

Advisor to President-elect Vladimir Zelensky on defense Ivan Apartin spoke about the future defense Minister

He didn’t answer, is going to occupy a chair Stepan Poltorak , however, said that he Zelensky has not yet made any proposals on certain positions. In addition, Uparsin noted that he would encourage the new head of state to change the current defense Minister.

Also Apartin in response to a journalist’s question said that talks with Stepan Poltorak and doesn’t know whether to leave Vladimir Zelensky him on the post.

“If I have questions, what to do with Mr. Poltorak, I think I’ll recommend the new President to find a new candidate to the post of Minister of defense,”
– he stressed.

Кто станет новым министром обороны: у Зеленского раскрыли детали

A specific name that it can offer Zelensky, Uparsin not called. At the same time, he very warmly said Anatoly Gritsenko, calling it “the best defense Minister of all time”. Despite this, the EA Zelenski said that Gritsenko has “not defense Minister, he has risen from that level.”

“If I call his name and tomorrow he will become a “drug addict”. I know in our country. These people have already climbed up to my wife in a photo album, they can get to anyone. That he will be pleased? This is a country where everything is possible anything” – Uparsin refused to give the name worthy, in his opinion, a candidate for the chair of defense Minister.

Note that after the election of a new President in Ukraine does not change the composition of the government. However, change can refer to two Cabinet positions – Ministers of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defence. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the two Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada appoints the President.

Note that the former head of the Odessa regional state administration and the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili is aiming for the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine in a new team of Vladimir Zelensky.

Кто станет новым министром обороны: у Зеленского раскрыли детали

So, we have started the collection of signatures under the petition for the return of his Ukrainian citizenship, which he was deprived Poroshenko in 2017. It is noted that if the petition attains the required number of votes, a new President will easily be able to sign as sympathetic to Saakashvili, as stated by sources to journalists.

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