Who will be Prime Minister: the Zelensky opened the card, it’s not like the media are writing

Кто станет премьер-министром: у Зеленского раскрыли карты, все не так, как пишут СМИ

President Vladimir Zelensky revealed details about the coming appointment of the Prime Minister

This was stated by the economist, Advisor to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy Oleg Ustenko in the air of Radio Liberty.

“I think the pool of experts or potential candidates, which is now discussing this issue President Zelensky, it is much wider than that now being discussed in the Ukrainian media space”, — said Ustenko.

According to him, the conditions necessary for obtaining the position of head of the government meets a lot of people.

Кто станет премьер-министром: у Зеленского раскрыли карты, все не так, как пишут СМИ

“You can find thousands of Ukrainian experts, who fall under this description, who should be Prime Minister. What is now being discussed in the Ukrainian media space, it’s just an imposed agenda, which comes not even from the key experts from the Atlantic Council,” — said Ustenko.

We recall the morning of 21 July at the polling station, President Vladimir Zelensky said that waiting for the result of an honest election and is already holding consultations with the candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

He added that he sees the Prime Minister, a professional economist, who never headed the government or the Parliament and was the President of the parliamentary factions.

It was reported earlier that President Vladimir Zelensky offered to take the Prime Minister thieving banker.

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About this in his video said Alexander Dubinsky, Ukrainian journalist and political candidate from presidential party “servant of the people”.

Кто станет премьер-министром: у Зеленского раскрыли карты, все не так, как пишут СМИ

As noted by the author of the blog, thanks to a guaranteed victory in the parliamentary elections “public Servants”, the political forces started even before the announcement of the final results to offer their candidates to the Prime Minister and other key posts in the Cabinet. Among others, the media began to prophesy on the role of head of government of Vladislav Rashkovan, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the international monetary Fund.

Recall Zelensky decided on a Grand cleansing, the application would make it: “If you do not dare…”.

As reported Politeka, the chorus has made a sensational confession, known by the name of the Prime Minister: “It is a strong move…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky decided the fate of “home pride” of Ukraine signed a decree: “there are only two months”.