Who was the murdered brother of Kim Jong-UN: the whole truth did not even know the family

Кем оказался убитый брат Ким Чен Ына: всей правды не знала даже семья

Kim Jong-Nam has collaborated with other intelligence agencies

Half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Chen UN, former Minister Kim Jong-Nam involved in contacts with the CIA, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing sources.

According to the publication, 13 February 2017, the eldest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il’s expected departure to Macau (region of China) in the airport of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to continue to meet with representatives of U.S. intelligence. As noted, Kim Jong-Nam was an informant.

This week will be the book of the journalist of the newspaper The Washington Post, in which you can find out more about having links with the CIA half-brother of the current head of the DPRK.

Furthermore, the WSJ claims that Kim Jong-Nam collaborated with the secret services of other countries.

Кем оказался убитый брат Ким Чен Ына: всей правды не знала даже семья

We will remind, Kim Jong Nam — the half-brother of current North Korean leader Kim Chen UN and the illegitimate son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Jong-Nam was born in 1971 from the first mistress Jong-Il — actress song Hye-rim.

The eldest son Jong-Il was considered a likely successor of the President. However, fell out of favor after 2001, tried on false passports to fly with his family to Japan. According to him, he wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Later he was sent to China.

Most of the time half-brother Jong-UN spent in Macau, where he engaged in business. He lived a normal life, afraid to return home.

In February 2013, former Minister of the DPRK was in a Chinese airport when he was approached by two women. Last sprayed the Korean in the face. It turned out, it was nerve substance. As a result, the Us Chen died on the way to the hospital.

Two total strangers were detained. One was jailed for 3 years and 4 months, but soon it was released, and the second was acquitted. Both admitted guilt. At the trial one of the women said they thought participating in the raffle. She was supposed to make fun of Kim Jong-Nam, sprayed him in the face “baby oil”. For this girl paid 400 Malaysian ringgit (about $ 90).

Кем оказался убитый брат Ким Чен Ына: всей правды не знала даже семья

The Prosecutor insisted women are in collusion with agents of North Korea, and deliberately killed the former Minister of the DPRK. Lawyers defended clients, saying the girls were just pawns in a spy game.

We will remind, Kim Jong-UN brutally executed General: “put at the mercy of…”, the details of the massacre.

As reported Politeka, Kim Jong-UN executed his associates after a meeting with trump: the details of gross violence.

Also Politeka wrote that a meeting between Putin and Kim Jong UN ridiculed for a “romantic” dinner, “Kiss”.