Who Is Zhanna Friske and What Is Her Net Worth?

The Russian film industry has become popular over the past few years. With many different types of actors coming towards the industry and many new films being launched, the russian film industry is on a rise. Among the popular russian actors was Zhanna Friske as well, who unfortunately, died due to Cancer in the year 2015. Friske had a wonderful career where she performed in multiple films. Zhanna Friske net worth was valued at $15 million before her death.

Who is Zhanna Friske?

Zhanna Friske, also known by her real name, Jeanna Vladimirovna Friske, was a renowned Russian Pop music icon, film star and model. She is also remembered as a member of the 90’s Russian female band named Blestyashchie. She left the band to fulfill her dream of becoming a film star and a solo music artist in 2003. “Night Watch” and “Day Watch” were super hits of her big screen career directed by Timur Bekmambetov. She got recognition for playing the role of a mistress of a Dark supernatural leader in “Day Watch” and was appreciated for her role in the other film too.

Her solo music album number came out in 2005.  The late actress was in an informal marriage with her husband Dmitry Shepelev, who was a Russian singer and a television presenter. They have a son who was born in 2013 in Miami, Florida. She took her last breath at the age of forty on 15 June 2015 after battling with cancer for over more than a year.

Early Life

Zhanna Friske was born in 1974 to a German father who was an actor named Vladimir Kopylov and a Russian mother, Olga Kopylova. She did not share a very pleasant relationship with her father who often scolded her. During her childhood she along with her family went through an economic and fiscal crisis. She attended high school No. 406, located in Perovo district of Moscow. She got enrolled in the journalism program at Moscow University, but she sooner dropped out from the course.

From a very early age she was inclined towards ballet dancing, sport dancing, acrobatics, and rhythmic gymnastics. She never missed a chance of participating in extracurricular activities in her school life. She joined the department of choreography at the Moscow Institute of Culture. During the early years of her life she did a job of sales manager in some furniture company and worked as a dance trainer at Sports Palace.


In 1995 Zhanna Friske started her career as a singer by joining the female Russian band Blestyashchie. The band got it in limelight for its catchy lyrics; remix music numbers and creative video clips. Zhanna Friske’s melodious voice and impressive dancing skills added extra charm to the band.

The group launched its first album titled Tam, Tam, Tol’ko Tam (Remixes) and in the very next year it launched another album titled Prosto Mechty which had the top most good music numbers of all times such as Gde Zhe Ti Gde?”, “Oblaka”, and “Cha, Cha, Cha”. The band performed in different cities of Russia. As a solo music artist, she launched her first ever single album titled Jeanna in 2005.

She launched many hit music numbers such as La-La-La, Somewhere in Summer, Mama Maria and many more. Among all her music numbers, “I Was” broke the record of being the best music album of hers.

Film and Television

Zhanna quit the band to try her luck in films and modelling in 2003. She was one of the participants of the television program Last hero-4 and succeeded in staying till the end of the program. She was also a part of a show “Circus with Stars”.

The actress singer did modeling assignments for top magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and Elle. She became a brand ambassador of the Japanese company “ORIENT WATCH”. She did wonders in acting as well. Initially, she did a sideline role in the film Night Watch, and later, she got a more visible role in the second part of the film “Day Watch” for which she won the best actress award 2006. Through her role in the film “What Men Talk About” she depicted her personality. She had an impacting role in the film “Who am I”. She won many awards for her music tracks, films and fashion.

Net Worth

Zhanna Friske Net worth was about 15 million dollars before she died . This included her mansion, her private cars, and her operating bank balance.  Moreover, Friske also had minor investments in the stock market.

Demise of Zhanna Friske

Soon after giving birth to her son Platon Sheplev in the year 2013, Friske started to complain that she is having severe headaches. Initially, it was not considered to be much of a big problem but it soon turned out that she had a non-curable disease called glioblastoma. This was a brain tumor that was fatal.

In the year 2014, the problems for Friske rose higher where she spent most of her days at the hospital. In the year 2015, she went abroad to the USA, UK, and Germany for her treatment as well after which she returned back to Russia. In March of 2015, Zhanna Friske became worse and went into a coma. Her boyfriend  Dmitriy Shepelev and her agent Anisa Ashiku took care of her in her last days. She fought for her life at the hands of cancer for three more months and died only a few weeks before her birthday on 15th June 2015. Many mourned her death and she also became one of the most searched celebrities on Google after her death.


Zhanna Friske has been a great actress in the Russian film industry. Many critics have the view that she left very early and it is due to amazing actresses like her that the industry was going to a rise. Zhanna Friske has always been an inspiration to the new and young aspirants entering the film industry in Russia.