Who is Olesya Zheleznyak?

Olesya Zheleznyak is a Russian film and theater actress, and TV presenter. She is widely known for the different remarkable roles she had played throughout her prosperous career in the entertainment industry. While notable for her comedic antics, she also played deeper and serious roles that proved her prowess and versatility as an actress.

Early Life and Education

Olesya Zhelesnyak was born in Moscow City, Russia, on November 11, 1974. She hailed from a modest family. Her mother worked as a seamstress while her father was a loader. With that background, no one expected her to become a famous actress. Add to that, she was a happy-go-lucky child, not mindful of the future, and only wanting to seize each moment.

After she graduated, Olesya went to Plekhanov Institute and submitted her documents. But, after taking the exams, she concluded that a degree in Economics wasn’t for her. After contemplating where she wants to go, Olesya found her way to a theater studio in Arbat district. While it eventually closed only a few weeks later, it sparked something, and Olesya already knew what she wanted.

RATI-GITIS building in Moscow, Russia

With that, Olesya took her chance to enter the Russian Institute of Theater Arts-GITIS but was unsuccessful on her first try. In the meantime, she made her time fruitful by joining the circus and became part of the ballet team. With determination, she took another shot at RATI-GITIS and was able to enter the institution, where she took Mark Zhakarov’s course.

Career in Theater

After getting her diploma in 1999, Olesya started to look for a job and landed at Lenkom Theater, where she began to experience fame. She joined different productions and performances, such as “Juno and Avos,” “Barbarian and Heretic,” “Cruel Intentions,” “The Marriage of Figaro,” and “The Seagull.” Some of which earned her awards and recognitions in the field of theater.

Venturing To Cinema

Olesya then made her way to the silver screen via the melodrama flick “Showcase” in 2000, where she got the role of a modest girl who aspired to be a singer amidst many obstacles. This was followed by another melodrama movie, “Silver Lily of Valley,” and got another role of another rising star. From 2001 to 2016, she appeared in more films and various roles, such as a maid, a police officer, a hacker, and even a taxi driver.

In 2017, Olesya was still ceaseless and continued to shine on the movie screen. Like her first two roles, she worked hard and worked her way up to be one of Russia’s famous celebrities.

Olesya played the role of Galya Kopylova in “My Fair Nanny” TV series

Olesya got more interesting roles and participated in many comedies both on TV and films, such as “Funny Neighbors,” “Kings of the Game,” “My Fair Nanny,” and “Love on the Area.” All of these projects earned her reputation as a bankable comedy star. On the sidelines, she also appeared in criminal, thriller, and melodrama projects. For her long career both in theater and cinema, she proved her innate talent and flexibility in her craft, doing whatever role laid on her path as an amazing actress.

Today, she is happily married to Spartak Sumchenko, her co-star in her second film, and has a loving family of four children.


From a blithe mindset to finding her purpose, to deciding where she wants to be, and to doing what she loves, excelling and becoming renowned for it, Olesya Zheleznyak showed what heights diligence and dedication could reach.