Who can not eat persimmon: nutritionists pointed out the important facts

Кому нельзя есть хурму: диетологи указали на важные факты

Despite the fact that the cost of persimmon is high enough, this fall she is in great demand. Nutritionists recommend a day to eat at least 1 fruit to get enough vitamins

But there are people who doctors can’t use this product in the diet.

First of all, the persimmon is not for children under 3 years because the fruit makes gastric juice thicker. The child’s body can not cope with him to stop altogether.


Кому нельзя есть хурму: диетологи указали на важные факты

Diabetics doctors recommend to eat this fruit, because its composition has a lot of fructose and glucose. If someone with this problem really want to eat persimmon, then in reasonable amounts they can afford it. Before meals be sure to consult with your doctor.

People who have been diagnosed with obesity, too, the persimmon is contraindicated. It slows metabolism, and this leads to the recruitment of extra pounds.

Even nutritionists not to eat this fruit for people with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract that require surgical intervention. All because of astringent property of persimmon.

Кому нельзя есть хурму: диетологи указали на важные факты

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Earlier it was reported that scientists have explained why modern women get fat more often than their grandmothers. Modern women are more likely to get fat than their mothers and grandmothers — and the fact that they spend much less effort on the management of domestic Affairs. Anyway, according to scientists from the University of South Carolina.

In 1965 chores, such as cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, took up the free time of Housewives for 27 hours weekly. In our days all these procedures take 13.3 hours per week. So every Housewives burn 360 fewer calories than their grandmother or mother. And the reason for the rapid recruitment of extra pounds hiding not in the wrong diet is like trying to convince some experts, and in neweconomy the level of domestic activity.

There are two reasons that women have less to do household chores. The first reason is a catastrophic shortage of time, as most women work, are more tired and prefer to rest for standing at the stove. The second reason is the development of modern technologies that make the work of Housewives today requires much less effort. It dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and much more.

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