Whitewashing of trees for winter protection from insects, mosses and lichens

There is an opinion that this procedure is not always beneficial.

Побілка дерев на зиму - захист від комах, мохів і лишайників

If the whitewash while protecting against sunburn and from mice, then its use to argue would not have had. Now, however, no additives to the wash with a persistent smell to the whole winter to protect the bark from rodents. That is, in the case of mice and other rodents whitewashing does not make sense, informs Rus.Media.

The whitewashing of young trees

Побілка дерев на зиму - захист від комах, мохів і лишайників

As for the young trees, that is a very important caveat: scientifically established that young trees with smooth bark to bleach not only not helpful, but harmful. Whitewashed worse plants grow, they slowly thicken trunks, clogged pores in the bark, slowing gas exchange. Particularly harmful to young trees hard to wash out of ready mix adhesive with additives.

Just hydrated lime quickly washed away by rains and harm almost brings. However, there are nuances. The fact that many times there were cases when poor quality of lime caused burns bark and her death.

Working with rough bark

Побілка дерев на зиму - захист від комах, мохів і лишайників

A very different situation, if blanching Mature trees with rough bark. The whitewashing of the trees is acceptable, but in the autumn, when it is necessary to destroy Selig in cracks of bark pests and pathogens. In the spring the trees are whitewashed, mostly, for the beauty, the benefits of such whitewash a little.

Autumn whitewash of Mature trees serves as both a disinfectant and a measure to combat moss and lichens.

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