White spots on nails talking about diseases, the doctors said alarm signal

Белые пятна на ногтях говорят о болезнях: врачи рассказали о тревожном сигнале

White spots on nails can tell a lot

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As a rule, we do not pay attention to this defect, but in fact it matters.

Similar point on the nail plate usually does not bring any discomfort. But experts say that you should look for such a signal the body.

White spots on the nails don’t just happen, there are a number of explanations. This disease in medicine called leukonychia (violations of solidification in the matrix of the nails). It can occur in inflammatory processes in the body. Also these spots can signal that the person does not have enough vitamins of group B. moreover, they can appear in various skin diseases, zinc deficiency or injury.

Белые пятна на ногтях говорят о болезнях: врачи рассказали о тревожном сигнале

Actually, such spots of traumatic origin, which is accompanied by brittle nails. Weak nail plate says the violations in the gastrointestinal tract, dystonia and diseases of the endocrine system.

How to distinguish a fungus from leukonychia?
If leuconychia white spots are formed inside the nail and wipe the surface of them will not succeed. The fungus appears on the surface of the nail plate, destroying it, and if you try to rip off, then its place will be a dent. In any case, to confirm or rule out the disease, need to undergo laboratory analysis.

What can you do to prevent nails from lolis?

Do the bath for nails. In a glass of warm water add a teaspoon of sea salt. Put your hands down for 15 minutes, then rinse them under running warm water.

Белые пятна на ногтях говорят о болезнях: врачи рассказали о тревожном сигнале

Use the protection for the nails. Before painting the base color should be applied protective lacquer. It needs to strengthen nails and protect from the harmful effects of the environment. You should Polish your nails with wax and use the oils. This technique will allow you to fill the damaged areas of the nail, glue the bundle.

Should be your diet. The diet should be more vegetables and fruits. Also you need to eat more kelp, marine fish. It is a good idea to drink a course of cod liver oil and vitamins A, E, PP, B5, C, and D, minerals — selenium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, calcium, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Don’t forget to drink plenty of pure water.

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