Which product can provide the body a full eight hours of rest

Какой продукт может обеспечить организму полноценный восьмичасовой отдых

Offer to cook dinner chicken eggs. According to scientists, eating eggs in the evening can ensure a healthy and sound sleep

The British love to surprise. Sometimes seemingly obvious things we have for them. Edition of the Daily Mail filed nutritionists almost as sensation. It turns out, the body is provided with a full eight hours of rest can eggs.

Какой продукт может обеспечить организму полноценный восьмичасовой отдых
Nutritionists have discovered that eggs are not only improve sleep, but also suspend the weight, slow the aging process, even reduce stress levels. To achieve the desired effect, they recommend to consume two eggs a day.
Where is the sensation, because our man knows this from school? Well, from the point of view of the British nutritionists, eggs should be there for dinner, not for Breakfast. In this and is their a sensation.

The word recall, as is the eggs of snails: in Ukraine assembled a unique crop of “pearls of Aphrodite”. The Ukrainians began to make an exotic delicacy.

The first harvest of snail caviar was collected on the first snail farm of Transcarpathia in nyzhnje selyshche, Khust district that. According to turismoto Fedor Shandor, the taste is similar to roasted asparagus or roasted mushrooms. It is noted the presence of “woody notes”, with a strong “earthy flavor”. As indicated by the similarity in taste with black caviar. To the table the eggs of snails are sometimes served as snacks to sparkling wine, is sometimes added to soups.

Какой продукт может обеспечить организму полноценный восьмичасовой отдых

Earlier it was reported how many eggs you can eat every day without harm to health.

The egg is truly one of the most nutritious foods in the entire world, because it contains all the necessary nutrients, which are essential for the formation of a living organism. In this article you will learn about how many eggs you can eat per day without harm to the body

More recently, opinions of scientists about how much you can eat eggs in a week,divided. For example, cardiologists have voiced a figure of no more than 6-7 eggs for seven days, together with nutritionists stopped on the quantity — 10 pieces a week. And now, after much research, the experts said, which can lead to daily eating eggs.

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