Whether to eat bread?

Стоит ли употреблять хлеб?

Pastries, in particular bread, has long schitalis harmful products. In wheat flour – the main ingredient when baking, there’s no useful vitamins. It is processed and presented in the form of a product that will not affect the body in his favor.

Bread products interfere with normal digestion. It contains a lot of starch and protein components that are not considered useful to humans.

Bread made with white flour can hurt people. It includes salt, sugar, yeast, harmful to the proper functioning of the body. If it is several times a day, that promotes obesity, diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Bread is considered to be very harmful when you eat it with foods of animal origin. Both products are too heavy for the stomach, require a lot of time for processing. The bread is best eaten with vegetables and greens, which contain vitamins for the processing of complex carbohydrates. Nutritionists advise to give up bread products and pastries, or move to a more useful grain products from rye flour.


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