Where to bathe in the Baptism of 2019 in Moscow: sites for Epiphany bathing equip in 10 parks

Special safe places for bathing on Epiphany will be equipped 10 Moscow parks. Work safe areas for swimming will begin on January 18.

As reported the press service of the mayor of Moscow, places for Epiphany bathing will be specifically set before the holiday warm dressing rooms and all comers will be treated to hot tea. In addition, the neighborhood is equipped Epiphany ice-holes on Epiphany all the time will be doctors and will be on duty rescuers.

“For the safety of slopes in the water equipped with special decks and staircases,” — said representatives of the Moscow Department of culture of the city.
Parks of Moscow, where the Baptism of 2019 it will be possible to plunge into the hole:

1. Vorontsov Park. The place for bathing is equipped on the Large Vorontsovsky pond near the small pier. The nearest to this place the entrance to the Park is from the street Academician Pilyugina;

2. Park Severnoye Tushino, Khimki reservoir, near the artificial beach;

3. The Park “Kuzminki”, Sibaisky pond near boat station;

4. Landscape Park “Mitino”, Pereginske pond;

5. Recreation area “the Left Bank”, a safe Jordan will be equipped in the beach area;

6. Fili Park, Moscow river, near the rescue station “Kuntsevo”;

7. Area Borisovskiye Prudy, the area of the beach;

8. Sokolniki Park, deer pond No. 5;

9. Terletsky Park, Alder pond;

10. Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”, next to a boat station in the Upper Tsaritsyno pond.

Almost all fonts will begin the evening of 18 January and will be open during the day. With a precise timetable for the baptism of the safe areas to swim in a particular Park can be found on the website of the Moscow mayor.

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Only in the Russian capital in 2019 for Baptism are planning to arrange six dozen of the Jordan, and that is three more than the previous year. According to experts, the Ordinance of the washing in the Epiphany ice-hole this year was expected to be about 180 thousand people.

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