When two generations meet

luc-gauthier-anime-ateliers-creationArt as a means of expression and pretext for the meeting between two generations. That’s what Windows offers on life, a project that brought together by creating the sixth year of primary school children and residents to rent low prices of Saguenay.

The project was initiated by the Office municipal d’habitation (OMH). “This is a group of tenants who took action to get a grant to someone conducts art workshops. I did not give lectures. Giving theoretical points, instead I worked with practical workshops, “says Luc Gauthier, host workshops.

The project allowed the meeting between 20 young people from St. Bernadette School and 10 people aged between 60 and 80 years. Workshops were offered to two groups who have worked many hours to the project. A few times, seniors were invited to visit the sixth-grade class to help children in their work.

“It has allowed a rapprochement between the young and the elderly. Older people are sometimes neglected. Young people do not always go see them. The project allowed the conversation and mutual aid. It gives a special flame to the project, “says one who taught art at the Seminary of Chicoutimi for several years.

Keepsake Boxes

The project was to make a memory box in which each could bring personal items.

“The goal is that together, through the arts, they can get out of the things they keep within. This is an opportunity to express themselves and to acquire technical, “he says.

Each youth has designed a small box. The adults are in turn set out to create a large format box.

Some children made a box with reference to their tastes, happy memories, or travel, or marking their transition from primary. Some also friendship treaty or rejection.

Adults have plunged for many in the past. They illustrated their origins or childhood memories.

“Some clubs are more personal than others,” agrees Luc Gauthier. “The boxes will reinforce one another. Together, they form a whole that takes strength and that gives power to the project, “he says.

Life on windows exposed to the hangar of the Chicoutimi port area until 10 June.

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