When to check heart, the doctors named five anxiety symptoms

Когда стоит проверить сердце: врачи назвали пять тревожных симптомов

Not only chest pain indicates heart problems and the doctors told when you should visit a cardiologist

Heart disease is not always felt the chest pain. There are manifestations that usually people ignore until then, until the situation becomes critical.

“Any symptoms that occur at the slightest physical exertion and disappear at rest, may indicate heart problems. Should be particularly attentive to vulnerable people. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, smokes, has high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, relatives with cardiovascular diseases “, — quotes the cardiologist with the Massachusetts General hospital at Harvard medical school Dr. Randall Susman Harvard Health Publishing.

Когда стоит проверить сердце: врачи назвали пять тревожных симптомов

The failure of the cardiovascular system showed the following symptoms:

1. Constant fatigue. Can occur if the heart muscle does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Is also one of the symptoms of heart failure — a condition in which the heart begins worse to pump blood.

2. Strange pain in various parts of the body. When the blood supply to the heart muscle is disturbed, the heart begins to “cry in pain”. This pain is not always felt in the chest. It can reflect in the shoulder, arm, jaw, back, or even stomach.

3. Shortness of breath. “If you pass up five flights of stairs, shortness of breath is a normal phenomenon. But if you climbed the 10 steps up and you have breath, it may indicate heart problems”, says Dr. Zusman.

4. Swelling of the legs. Could be a sign of heart failure. Pain swelling not to cause a late afternoon increase. The skin on the feet have a bluish color. If you press the affected area with a finger, then he will disappear immediately.

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Когда стоит проверить сердце: врачи назвали пять тревожных симптомов

5. Rapid heartbeat. Cheerleaders is in the case that arose suddenly, without any reason.

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