When Mardi Gras in 2019: traditions and history

Christmas has already ended, but ahead of the Russians have a lot other holidays.

Especially the people I love pancake day, which usually is celebrated before the beginning of lent.

It is worth noting that the Carnival is celebrated annually, but drops out at different times. The fact is that Mardi Gras is usually celebrated for 56 days before Easter – one of the most important and glorious Church holidays.

But Easter as we know, each year is also celebrated at different times.

When Mardi Gras in 2019

Carnival called many things-a Teapot, Butterdish, boyar the Shrove. Date of the carnival in 2019 is determined by counting, which is used by people for more than one century.

Since the date of the carnival changes every year, from mid-winter, many Russians are starting to wonder when the Carnival, and 2019 is no exception.

In 2019, the Pancake week begins March 4 and ends March 10.

Carnival love the people of Russia, it’s a holiday week that is full of fun and bright days.

Note that Mardi Gras is not mentioned in the simple calendar. The fact that many religious holidays that are not recognized in law and are not public holidays, are not indicated in simple calendars.

And the Carnival falls every year in different time requires a separate calculation. So look for the answer to the question, when Carnival in 2019, the Russians are coming to the Network.

Mardi Gras in 2019: history

Many of the traditions associated with religious holidays, and their history, closely connected with paganism. This also applies to carnival, which came to us from pagan times.

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Starting from the XVI century, the Orthodox Church was accepted in many traditions of paganism, which was added to the list of important dates for believers.

Initially, the celebration of Maslenitsa was associated with the worship of the Sun God yarily. However, in times of paganism in the sacrifice of God brought not a dummy, as is done now, and the living.

After Christianity was adopted, the carnival holiday was ovechin Church. However, it was eliminated all the cruelty. So Shrove Tuesday has reached our days.

Mardi Gras in 2019: traditions

Mardi Gras is rich in tradition. The main tradition is pancakes, so this holiday is also called Pancake week.

Throughout the week the women bake pancakes with various fillings. In addition to pancakes, you can bake another cheesecake, cookies, cheesecakes.

The main dishes of the carnival attitude – ear, fish, potatoes, and among drinks I prefer jellies and compotes.

Throughout pancake week people bake pancakes, and Sunday is the last day of Maslenitsa is burnt a symbolic effigy of winter.

The people believed that the Carnival is a kind of farewell to winter and after the holiday has already come spring.

On Shrove Tuesday the people who are going to follow lent, already not eating meat. However, these days allowed to eat fish.

On Shrove Tuesday it is impossible to be sad is considered a bad omen. Also these days you can’t miss is the loneliness and avoiding people. Another important tradition of the carnival are going to visit, and you can invite guests yourself.

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