When asked about Eric Zemmour, Omar Sy gets mad and dézingue Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine – Here

Come in to do the promo of his movie Knock, Omar Sy was very back on the antenna of Europe 1. The actor has not supported that they are asked to react to the tackle of Eric Zemmour.

Last Tuesday, Eric Zemmour, was the guest of C à vous on France 5. The ex-columnist of One is not lying, then, has reacted strongly to the words of Omar Sy. There are more than a year, the actor is annoyed by the ubiquity of the polemicist in the media, while calling it ” horn “. And the latter’s reply was equally scathing.

“It is always flattering to be treated horn with a horn,” said Eric Zemmour and add : “You know, I learned in five years with Laurent Ruquier that worth the beliefs and culture of all these actors… So it makes me neither hot nor cold. “This Thursday on Europe 1, in Bonjour France, Omar Sy does not décoléré against Eric Zemmour and was annoyed that we asked for a reaction live.

“I don’t want to react. In the excerpt shown in C to You, I quote purposely not Eric Zemmour because I don’t want to give him interest. I know his system : he does the provoc’ for the provoc’ ! “denounced Omar Sy, before you accuse Daphne Bürki that she, too, was” back in his system. “

“We are talking again about him, it returns to its extract, as it is present in the media day after day. There is no need to it is invited because it is a criminal. He was convicted for incitement to hatred, nobody says it, but he was sentenced this guy ! “continued the actor regretting that it” compels you to respond to him “.

“Since you let me go the extract, I have to answer ! So, we’re going to iron my extract and it will answer, and it’s never going to finish. Ask yourself the question the next time you do a thing like that. You make him a nice gift, ” he said to Daphne Bürki.

But Omar Sy is also taken to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, flying the C to You. “By passing the extract where I don’t quote, it associates its name to the mine. This is the worst that can happen to me ! It has made him a huge gift ! It is either his family, or it is teubée. And there, you do the same stupid Daphne ! “denounced the comedian who has concluded by a last-ditch tackle to Eric Zemmour :” I have no wish of me to roll in the mud with the pigs.”

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