What you need to know before visiting dentist: common mistakes patients

Что надо знать перед посещением стоматолога: распространенные ошибки пациентов

Do not ignore dental health, because in the future it will be too expensive

If you are treating the teeth or intend to engage in the prevention, first of all, choose a proven clinics, long services in this direction.

A visit every six months — required

If you do not care, this is not a reason to defer routine check at the dentist. Every six months be sure to sign up for an appointment — if in oral cavity there are any problems, the doctor will detect them at early stages and conduct effective, inexpensive treatment. In addition, a special hygienic cleaning of plaque and calculus should also be conducted every six months.

Что надо знать перед посещением стоматолога: распространенные ошибки пациентов

If you need a normal consultation, is also worth an appointment. This is useful if you can’t find a suitable care system, want to do some complicated procedure sample installation of braces or bleaching, but it is doubtful in my choice. Do not look for answers to such questions in the Internet — individual counseling will be a better solution.

Refrain from intensive brushing your teeth before visiting the doctor

Before going to the doctor does not need to prepare for her visit by all means available. Many people begin vigorously to Polish a teeth, thus damaging the gums, to use rinses, sprays, and other drugs for the treatment of the oral cavity. Such training not what: even if you spend 2:00 on these manipulations, the doctor on the condition of the teeth and gums will know how much you cared for your teeth informed. Use dental floss and brush your teeth as usual — that will be enough.

Do not put yourself diagnoses

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Another common mistake patients self-diagnose themselves and assume what treatment will be prescribed. Typically, the guess does not work: or need to do a serious work, or it turns out that not everything is as bad as people made up. To be upset after their expectations and not be surprised expended amounts, wait until you receive and check the necessary information to the doctor.

Что надо знать перед посещением стоматолога: распространенные ошибки пациентов

Good dental care is a quality modern equipment, effective treatment, comfortable cabinets and experienced doctors who can find approach to everyone. Has long been going to the dentist ceased to frighten both children and adults, therefore, postpone it until better times is not worth it.

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