What would happen if you never eat meat

Что будет, если никогда не есть мясо

The transition to a meat diet helped our distant ancestors to accelerate in their evolution, so the meat can be considered one of the causes of mankind in its present form. But if you need meat now, when people can replace it with other products?

If you do not eat meat, the consequences can be very serious — nutrients of animal origin provide the human body a huge amount of the required chemical compounds, so if you remove from the diet of meat and take care of its replacement, it is possible to amass a lot of dangerous diseases.

“Without meat the body does not receive nutrients which are vital to key biological systems. Autoimmune diseases, problems with the muscular system, headaches, and a host of other troubles — that’s what awaits people who refuse from meat”, say the researchers.

But, the meat is of a good. It is no coincidence that experts from the world health organization classifies meat and products based on it to be carcinogenic, that is, the consumption of meat can cause cancer. In General, vegetarianism (reasonable) definitely there are advantages, however, remember that refusing eating meat, you should carefully consider your diet to avoid becoming a victim of a lack of important nutrients.


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