What will the weather on Epiphany in Moscow told Gidromettsentra

In 2019, the weather on Epiphany promises to be quite acceptable for diving in Jordan. Expected mild frost, so decided to plunge into the Epiphany wormwood can and novice swimmers.

The date of the Baptism of the Lord never changes – this holiday in Russia is traditionally celebrated on January 19 and 2019 will be no exception. The main tradition of this festival, dedicated to the day of the baptism of the son of God in the Jordan, the bathing is Orthodox in the hole.

And since the Baptism falls on the middle of the winter, which is always characterized by heavy snowfall and severe frosts, the believers prefer to know in advance what the weather will be on holiday.

Weather in Moscow on Epiphany 2019

All Russia is a huge area covering different climatic zones, so the weather conditions in different regions are very different. The January weather also has the features for every Russian region. The weather center told the weather forecast for Russia for the coming Baptism. Told in the weather Department and under what weather conditions will do the ritual Epiphany bathing Muscovites and guests of the capital.

The meteorologist claims that the baptism of the 2019 weather in Moscow will differ little from those weather conditions that were observed on the occasion in previous years, because again it is expected frost. The average temperature in the capital in January is approximately equal to -10 °C, but this year the Baptism of the Lord will be warmer.

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According to Roman Vilfand – scientific Director of Russian hydrometeorological center in the coming days the weather in the capital region will be 3-5 °C above normal.

“During the entire week the centre of European Russia is located in the centre of the cyclonic trough”, – said the expert – “the background Temperature is very high for the winter, can you say hot”.
Day January 18, in Moscow, windy weather is expected. The temperature will remain negative – expected from -1 to -4 °C.

But in the night of Saturday, January 19, when Orthodox Christians celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, and keep the traditions bathe in Epiphany ice hole, weather forecasters promise a frost of -5 °C.

“The night of Baptism will be quite comfortable for novice swimmers”, – said Vilfand.
Lowering the temperature forecasters do not predict in the capital and at the weekend. Experts promise day temperature -1…-4 °C to -6 °C at night. Also in the coming weekend in Moscow with snow.

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