What will change from 1 may Ukraine: municipal reform, the new fines and fees

Что изменится с 1 мая в Украине: коммунальная реформа, новые штрафы и тарифы

Will enter into force on utility reform, cheaper gas, there will be new rules car inspection – find out what will change from may 1, Ukraine

In may 2019 in Ukraine will be some important changes in the municipal, economic and social spheres. About the most important innovations, read the material Politeka.

Public utilities reform. From may 1, comes into force the municipal reform, which involves several changes in the utilities and payment of utility services. In particular, we introduce quality control services to special commissions. Consumers can file complaints, for example, at a high enough hot water temperature or irregular waste disposal. For poor service you will not pay at all or pay only partially.

Что изменится с 1 мая в Украине: коммунальная реформа, новые штрафы и тарифы

What will change from 1 may Ukraine: municipal reform

The fines for communal and disabling services. May 1 also introduces penalties for late payment of utility services. After 21 day of each month, in case of failure begins to be the debt and the penalty for each day of delay.

If after 30 days the consumer does not pay the bills, the utilities have the right to disable the services, except electricity and gas. In addition, employees of public utilities have the right to enter the apartment and check the counters. For the non-admission of inspectors to tenants also face fines and a shutdown.

The superintendent. Since may 1, according to the law “On housing and communal services”, each apartment building must be assigned to the Manager. Tenants can choose the Manager themselves at a General meeting, he will serve as the intermediary between home owners and utility providers.

The price of gas. “Naftogaz of Ukraine” in April decided to reduce the price of gas for the population from 8.55 UAH per cubic meter to 8.38 UAH, that is 17 cents. However, earlier signed Memorandum of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the International monetary Fund, which has not been cancelled. It States that the price of gas from 1 may 2019 to 31 December 2019 will be set at 9852 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters.

Electronic Cabinet driver. All vehicle information can now be accessed in the electronic account of the driver on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. Here you can find out whether got the car in the accident and what penalties were imposed on the driver. To pay a fine now also available online by registering in the e-account via an electronic signature, BankID or MobileID.

Что изменится с 1 мая в Украине: коммунальная реформа, новые штрафы и тарифы

Inspection of the car. 1 may updated the format of the documents, which confirm the successful completion of technical inspection of the vehicle. Now the paper form of the Protocol on inspection will be issued together with a self-adhesive label, radio frequency identification, which the owner needs to fix in the right top part of the windshield from the inside. Information labels can be read even from a distance with special equipment. This innovation is to reduce the number of false protocols of inspection.

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