What will be the medicine of the future: children under the order, artificial organs and Hollywood smile

Какой будет медицина будущего: дети под заказ, искусственные органы и голливудские улыбки

Researchers continue to rapidly advance medicine, making it more modern

Daily discoveries and inventing technologies that help doctors to save lives, carried out a unique operation, the planned new system for the development of prosthetics and created the cure for dangerous diseases, writes Сlutch.ia.

Because science is not static, you need to know what the progress is managed to achieve at the moment and what it will seek in the future. We offer you the top important achievements that doctors are going to soon achieve.

Какой будет медицина будущего: дети под заказ, искусственные органы и голливудские улыбки

3D printing organs is gaining momentum

The creation of organs through 3D printing has already shown incredible results. That just was not in the list of innovative technologies from small arteries to the liver or even larger bones. It is noteworthy that such artificially created bodies were successfully taken root, and it means that experts have an incentive to continue working. In the near future, conventional organ transplantation can take a back seat.

Dentistry of Hollywood

This branch of medicine still show in the future a number of innovations, as well as provide mankind high-quality ceramic thin overlays on teeth Lumineers. For all who want to Shine a Hollywood smile and not to run for the whitening to the dentist, these pads fit perfectly.

Surgical stuff

In Germany have developed unique glasses that can scan the patient can literally see through. No blood vessel and nerve can not be hidden from the view of the surgeon. Scientists promise to present in the future an incredible knives for operations. Note that even now doctors have a unique knife, which by means of an electric current makes sverjeniya incisions.

Какой будет медицина будущего: дети под заказ, искусственные органы и голливудские улыбки

Medical education will be available to all

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In the near future, medical education will become more affordable, everyone will be able to finish a special course, pre-selecting a particular course. Permission to practice medicine he will not get, but their own health will be preserved.

Plan the perfect baby

Genetic centers are going to accept applications for children with different characteristics. For example, if parents want their child to become an athlete or a computer genius, the doctors take on the embodiment of the dreams of adults. In such planning children yet it’s hard to believe, but scientists do not give up and perhaps in the future will be able to surprise mankind.

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