What Were the Reasons for the Ani Lorak Divorce?


Russia is a country that was once not having many actors, singers, or people belonging to the entertainment industry. The Russian economy had seen this tough time due to the constant ongoing war and tensions of the Soviet Union. However, following the 21st century, the media and film industry of Russia has been on a constant rise with many new actors coming in and creating a range of super hit films. The singers are also making many albums which have ultimately created a whole new media industry for Russia. The success of the industry is also a mere result of controversies and problems arising with the actors. Same has been the case with the very famous actor and singer Karolina Myroslavivna Kuiek also known as Ani Lorak.

Who is Ani Lorak?

Ani Lorak was born on 27th September 1978 and pursued her career as a singer, songwriter, an actress and an entrepreneur as well. Amongst the famous achievements of Ani Lorak includes the fact that she has been the UN Goodwill Ambassador and also got the award for People’s Artist of Ukraine. This is considered to be one of the top and most prestigious titles for a singer in Ukraine.

Ani Lorak Childhood

The young Ani Lorak faced different types of problems in her childhood. She was raised by a single mother until the age of 6 after which she was put with her brothers in a distant foster home. Among the other different types of tragedies that the singer faced in her life includes the death of her brother who was fighting in Afghanistan. Karolina Kuiek had a wish to become a singer since her early ages. Since her childhood, the young Ani Lorak constantly practiced her singing and was a part of the different types of school vocal competitions as well. In 1992, she finally entered her professional career when she took part in the contest Pervot Sweet and turned out to be a winner as well.

Ani Lorak Career

Ani Lorak is considered among the top actors of Russia and she is considered as an influential personality in her country. Ani Lorak found her stage name by simply reversing the letters of her first name Karolina. She moved to Kiev in the year 1995 and was in the highlights of Ukranian showbiz industry. Her popularity soared to further heights when she won the 1996 competition of Big Apple Music and was also named “Discovery of the Year” at Tavria games in the same year. In Eastern Europe, Ani Lorak is considered among one of the most beautiful people. Moreover, her income has been the highest among all the singers of Ukraine for the year 2014.

Outside of the Society Union, She represented Ukraine at multiple different events such as the Eurovision Song Contest of 2008 with her song “Shady Lady”. She got second place. Her career is considered to be an ideal one with racked up awards and prize winnings while also promoting the Russian media industry to great extents.

Ani Lorak Married Life

In the year 2003, Ani Lorak met Murat Nalçacıoğlu in Turkey while she was on a vacation. He was merely a hotel manager and a travel agent based in Turkey. Later on Ani Lorak also offered him to become her manager. They both went along pretty well since the start and got married six years later in 2009. The marriage was initially considered to be one of the most ideal marriages as it had all the cute stuff between the husband and the bride. Infact, there were two marriages, one of which was held in Ukraine while the other one was held in Turkey. Just a year later after her marriage, Lorak further announced her pregnancy in November of 2010. She had a daughter born in June 2011 who was named Sophia.

She along with her family lived in the outskirts at a distant place of Ukraine but she often travelled to Turkey. Ani Lorak often used to say that her family life was just perfect and that there were barely any issues that arose between the husband and the wife. The two were living an ideal life which many just dreamed off. However, it was unexpected that the couple broke up and divorced recently in the year 2019. The news came as a shock to many who always thought that this was an ideal couple.

Divorce of Ani Lorak

Since the end of 2017 and early 2018, the husband Murat Nalçacıoğlu was found to be in the company of different unfamiliar girls. In July 2018, he was captured in a hidden video at the Kiev karaoke Club where a dark haired beauty was whispering something in his ears as well as touching him on his private parts. Once the video went viral, it was found out that the girl named Yan Belyaev was a graduate of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. It was alleged that the graduate used to spend much of her time in living a fun-filled life in the night clubs while flirting with different wealthy men as well.

Later on, in Dali Park Karaoke Club, Lorak’s husband was again found in the company of a Kiev woman. Many alleged that he was with Lorak at that time but Lorak denied all such statements. Seeing the rise in the number of such controversies and newer cases of her husband with other women frequently, Lorak decided to file for a divorce in the year 2019. The official process of divorce was initiated on 4th of December 2019. The meeting will be held in the Shevchenko Court of Kiev. The once happy couple ended up very badly and at a very tough stage in their life when their daughter was just growing up in an interesting phase of life.


The russian showbiz industry is always bringing in new news and gossip for many. The recent issue of Ani Lorak also got much hype on the media and was covered on many different types of news channels. Ani Lorak currently lives a very happy life and so does her ex-husband. A good part of this is that both of them got over the tough time that they had been living. Today, Ani Lorak is also happy about her breakup because she believes that she got rid of a cheater and that being single or divorced is still better than being in an unfaithful relationship.