What to give a child of 3 years old birthday

Interesting gift ideas.

Що подарувати дитині до 3 років на День народження

The child from year to three years actively develops, learns the world, trying to speak coherently and acquires the necessary skills for life in society. During this period, she already understands what’s going on and are able to articulate their desires and to Express emotions. The birthday we want to please their child, to see his face glowing smile. But at this age, gifts should not only be fun, but good. Parents who are thinking about it, to be useful and our recommendations for choosing the right gift for the birthday boy, informs Rus.Media.

A practical gift

Of course, according to adults, the gifts should carry some benefit and be suitable for practical use in everyday life. From this point of view, will be appropriate such gifts to:

· pencils, markers, sketchbooks, colored pencils, easels;

· items to be creative, kinetic sand, playdough, puzzles, jigsaw;

· sports equipment and items for active pastime;

· small inflatable trampoline;

· books, coloring books;

· bright children’s umbrella.

But don’t forget about the entertainment component of the gift for the child who still sees through the game. Therefore, a good idea to buy tickets or passes to a circus, a zoo, game and entertainment centers, attractions or interesting photo shoot.

Educational gift

Since our scraps are desperately trying to copy all actions of the older generation, they are interested in everything that has to do with our way of life and profession. In spite of this, a great gift would be educational or role-playing a set: kitchen, hospital, store, etc.

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For the development of logic and mental abilities of the baby suitable cubes, designer, themed Board games.

Що подарувати дитині до 3 років на День народження

Gift for active children

Virtually all children aged 1 to 3 years is incredibly active and agile, so a win-win option for a gift on a birthday will be:

· tricycle,

· scooter,

· rolls on four wheels

· racket with balls Velcro,

· ball,

· the Swedish wall,

· portable labyrinth.

Що подарувати дитині до 3 років на День народження

Gift show

In recent years, the fashion organization of large-scale festivals to small birthday with many guests (including his age), as well as actors-animators. Children are always wondering when their celebratory mood is shared by peers who are unable to appreciate the scale of fun and entertainment. For girls a celebration can be arranged in the style of princesses and fairies and boys will approach the theme of superheroes and cowboys.

Що подарувати дитині до 3 років на День народження

Try to choose a gift for his child as a possible individual to take into account the nature and interests of the child. Only then the gift will be appreciated and will bring him joy and pleasure.

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