What tariff offers Vodafone Ukraine: a complete list and cost proposals

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

Vodafone Ukraine — mobile operator, which was previously known as “MTS Ukraine”, but not so long ago became part of the giant European company “Vodafone Group”. At the moment the tariffs Vodafone is one of the most profitable from the point of view of the formula of “price-offer”.

The contents

  • 1 Basic information about the company Vodafone Ukraine
  • 2 Services provided to Vodafone Ukraine
  • 3 What are the tariffs offers “Vodafone Ukraine”
  • 4 people call Vodafone?
  • 5 Responses to topical questions
  • 6 a Brief conclusion

Vodafone Ukraine is one of the leaders among mobile operators on the territory of our state. The services of this telecommunications company used by approximately 15-20 million callers, and that number is growing every day.

Vodafone offers a range of offers (tariffs), the cost of which varies from 45 UAH (Family, Device S) to 1,500 hryvnia (ULTRA VIP). To order tariff in several ways: by purchasing the appropriate SIM card, replacing the tariff (online or using a special tariff code), by calling the operator (if you are a subscriber of “Vodafone”).

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

Important: prices (bids) are constantly changing due to various factors:

  • adapting to the economic situation in the country;
  • in search of a more “appropriate” tariffs for subscribers, the selection of successful combinations, for example, free minutes to other numbers with the amount of available MB of Internet; minutes one minute to all numbers in Ukraine;
  • with the aim to attract a new audience, update the conditions for regular customers, etc.

If the fare has disappeared from the list offered, it does not mean that subscribers who use it, have to change the offer. They continue to enjoy the tariff plan on the same conditions that it agreed to initially. The expiry rate is shown separately. As a rule, fares are valid for about a year. In the absence of a monthly payment rate, it is suspended until such time as the funds are not received on account of, or until the call will not change the rate.

Basic information about the company Vodafone Ukraine

Vodafone is a British brand technology services, which was founded in 1984. Since the founding of this company was called differently, had a different legal status and the shareholders. At the moment, this is one of the world’s largest mobile operators.

Vodafone Ukraine — brand Prao “VF Ukraine” provides services in the areas of GSM (EDGE) UMTS (HSPA+) the LTE. It is the second largest and the power of the mobile operator on the territory of Ukraine, which, it should be noted, still belong to the Russian MTS.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

This operator several times conducted a rebranding. 1992 (the base year) and 2007, Ukrainians know it as “UMC”, the branch — “SIM-SIM”, Jeans and Ecotel. Until December 2015, as “MTS Ukraine”. Current name — Vodafone Ukraine. Stake in the Russian company “Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) was purchased in 2003.

Recall: MTS, the largest Russian mobile operator, which is actively functioning on the territories of CIS countries, occupying a leading position among the competitors. Net profit of PrJSC “VF Ukraine” in 2017 amounted to 2.2 billion hryvnia.

Codes Vodafone Ukraine:

  • 050;
  • 066;
  • 095;
  • 099.

16 October 2015, the Pact was made between the Ukrainian MTS brand and the British company Vodafone. This symbiosis is a franchise — initially, companies exist in parallel, but in the end, cooperation has become one large group.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

In 2017, PrJSC “MTS Ukraine” has changed its legal name to PJSC “VF Ukraine”.

In 2018 Vodafone Ukraine, together with their British counterparts to launch in Ukraine 4G Internet and a number of other innovations, including an IoT platform that opens the Ukrainians the best global solutions Internet.

In 2019 Vodafone cancelled the services of MMS, recommending its users free instant messenger “Viber”, “WhatsApp”, “Telegram”, etc.

Services provided to Vodafone Ukraine

The list of services Vodafone company is large and diverse. Of the total number there are two branches: one for business (corporate) and individuals (private client). Consider the list of services for the ordinary citizen of Ukraine:

  • high-quality voice communications with good coverage throughout the territory of Ukraine;
  • the transmission of information and access to the global Internet on 3G and 4G technologies;
  • sending and receiving SMS (MMS is no longer required);
  • roaming and international calls;
  • the ability to conduct monetary operations (Vodafone Pay, transfer money between rooms, Deposit);
  • entertainment (“Vodafone” TV, Books, Music, GOOD’ok), etc.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

What fees offers “Vodafone Ukraine”

Tariffs, or as they are called “packages” — time offer from the mobile operator, whether it is Vodafone or any other operator. Thus, after a certain time, the old sentence will go down in history and new ones will take their place. In this article you can see the latest information on the fall of 2019, also consider some of the tariffs that still use subscribers, but the proposals they’re gone.

All relevant rates from Vodafone for the “Prepaid” can be divided into four groups:

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All the news

  1. For the Internet.
  • SuperNet Unlim. This offer includes unlimited 3G and 4G Internet service “Vodafone Music” for 3 months, unlimited in network, 200 minutes in Ukraine and Poland, 30 minutes abroad, “Unlimited abroad” for 3 UAH. a day. Cost185 hryvnia per month.
  1. All inclusive.
  • SuperNet Pro. 10 GB of 3G and 4G Internet, Online, Video and Insta PASS, unlimited in network, 120 minutes in Ukraine and Poland, 30 minutes abroad (unlimited for 3 hryvnia per day). Cost — 90 UAH per month.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

  1. Easy start.
  • Family. Unlimited in network, 500 MB Internet (plus free messedzhing), nl to Poland and Russia, 30 minutes to call abroad. The value of “family — 45 UAH per month.
  • SuperNet Start. 4GB+2GB for 3 months 4G or 3G Internet, Online PASS, Video PASS (for 3 months), unlimited in-network, 80 minutes in Ukraine and Poland, 30 minutes abroad, the service is “Unlimited abroad” worth UAH 3 a day. The cost of “Not Super Old” is 90 UAH per month.
  1. For gadgets.
  • Device’s. Recommended for children and a smart watch, alarm, electric meter. Is available: 50 MB 4G or 3G Internet per day, 50 minutes per day for calls within the network, 50 SMS a day, the opportunity to enjoy the “year without a subscription fee” for 1 UAH per day. The cost is 45 hryvnia per month.
  • Device M. A more advanced version of the “Device C” which is recommended for tablets. The package includes 12 Gigabytes of Internet, and Online Video Pass, “a Year without subscription fees”. The cost is 80 UAH per month.
  • Device L. Advanced version of the series Device recommended for routers and modems. Includes: 30 GB Internet, as well as the “year without a subscription fee”. Price — 130 UAH per month.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

In addition to proposals for the “Prepaid” subscribers Vodafone offer contract tariffs:

  • RED M (7 GB of Internet + 100 min for Ukraine, UAH 1./min. for border, unlimited social network, cost — 100 hryvnias);
  • RED L (15 GB of Internet + 200 minutes in Ukraine, 50 minutes abroad, the cost is 150 UAH);
  • RED XL (unlimited Internet + 350 minutes in Ukraine, 100 minutes overseas, the cost is 250 UAH);
  • RED XXL (unlimited Internet + 500 minutes on Ukraine, 150 minutes abroad, the cost is 350 UAH);
  • ULTRA (unlimited Internet + 1000 minutes in Ukraine, 300 minutes abroad, the cost is UAH 600);
  • ULTRA VIP (unlimited Internet + unlimited to all numbers in Ukraine, 750 minutes over the border, cost — 1500 UAH).

All rates are subject to the condition “Free calls within the network”.

In the “Archive of tariffs” left:

  • RED EXTRA S, M, L (popularly known as “Extra”);
  • RED XS (also called the “Redxs”).

Closed rates:

  • Light and Light+ 2018 (also light);
  • Unlim 3G Plus 2016 (3G plus);
  • RED XS EXTRA 2017 (the Extra CH);
  • RED S, M, L 2015 (series “Ed”).

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

Why you should follow the innovations and new trends in the world Vodafone? The ability to connect steep tariff action — the main argument in support. What is included in the action? As a rule, free connection and huge discounts on.

As people call Vodafone?

Typos, humor, illiteracy and lack of information able to cheer up even the most gloomy man. Sometimes, this happens spontaneously and unintentionally. We offer you a list of distorted names of the brand “Vodafone”, or as it is sometimes called:

  • Vodaphone;
  • Vadafone;
  • Vidafone;
  • Vadafon;
  • Wateronthe background, etc.

There is also an erroneous name of “Vodafon”. When reading, the last vowel letter “e” lost, so some people, writing tolerate heard form. Also it is necessary to highlight the incorrect transliteration of “Vodafone” in Russian correctly to write to Vodafone.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений


Answers to pressing questions

  1. Where to find the full description of the Rates? On the official website in section “Tariffs”.
  2. How to check (read) the score on the “Vodafone”? The answer is *101#. Other codes can be found on the official website of Vodafone Ukraine in the section “Useful commands and USSD codes.” Checking is absolutely free.
  3. How to pay the fare? After the connection rate of the Bank account will be debited monthly in automatic mode. If money on account of not enough rate will not be activated.
  4. How to call abroad? Simply enter the full phone number on the “other side”, given the country code (for example, the code of Ukraine “+38”), and click “Call”;
  5. How to Fund my account? There are a lot of terminals. But the best deals give banks (where the Commission below). You can also use online banking (e.g., Privat24).
  6. How to move to another tariff? The best way is to use USSD code of specific tariff (to be found on the official website). You can also contact the support team, where the consultant will do everything for you. Another way is to visit the official website, there, in the description of the rates provided such an opportunity.

Какие тарифы предлагает Vodafone Украина: полный список и стоимость предложений

A brief conclusion

Vodafone group of companies, which provide mobile communication services. This progressive brand is one of the world leaders in this segment.

“Vodafone Ukraine” offers cheap international calls, affordable high-speed Internet, unlimited in network and many other interesting features. Like other operators, Vodafone has provided different tariff plans that are adapted to the different needs of the subscribers (do not need to overpay for what you don’t use).

To use room without Supplement can be quite a long period, but for the full experience of your phone you should use any suggestion.