What smartphones do Ukrainians prefer

The company’s experts Moyo conducted a study and found out which smartphones are most popular among Ukrainians.

Какие смартфоны предпочитают украинцы

“Ukrainians are not demanding of technique”, — such conclusion was made by the company on the results of the study. The study was conducted on the basis of an analysis of smartphone sales in the first half.

Thus, the average Ukrainian prefers a smartphone with a 5 inch screen, RAM 2GB and internal is 16 GB. In addition, the Ukrainian users prefer to choose the smartphone camera at 12 megapixels and plastic housing black. The cost of the smartphone Ukrainian user often does not exceed 5 thousand UAH.

The technology of mobile payments, which is gaining popularity in the world, is not yet so widespread in Ukraine. In particular, among the smartphones sold only 30% were equipped with NFC module. At the same time, the basic feature is the fingerprint scanner that is present in 90% of gadgets. Analysts also noted that the shockproof feature of the smartphone is not too popular among the Ukrainian users, whereas water – and dust protection is gaining more and more popularity due to the mass deployment of this option in devices of medium and high price range.

“Almost half of all smartphones sold in Ukraine from the category of “cheap and cheerful”, whereas about 10% are expensive flagship model,” declares the company.


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