What not to drink every day: named the most harmful drink

Что не стоит пить каждый день: названы самые вредные напитки

Doctors called drinks , which can cause dangerous diseases, including cancer

These drinks are used daily by a huge number of people, but this fact does not make them useful. Doctors advise not to use them.

In particular, experts in the field of healthy nutrition is not recommended to drink very hot tea and coffee (as well as soups, mulled wine and other kinds of drink). The consequence of such habits can be the development of systematic inflammatory process in the mucosa of the esophagus. Against the background of such inflammation can easily occur cancer.

Что не стоит пить каждый день: названы самые вредные напитки

Downside — cold beverages (e.g., cocktails ice cream). According to experts, extremely cold temperatures can injure the esophageal mucosa and no less dangerous in terms of consequences than hot drinks.

Experts also point to the danger of consuming large amounts of strong coffee. Caffeine increases the heart rate and increase blood pressure, but after the diuretic effect of the drink and the pressure drops. Arterial “swing” have a negative impact on the health of blood vessels and large doses of coffee can cause spasms of the blood vessels of the brain. Especially dangerous is the use of strong coffee, alcohol and sugar.

Included in the “black list” of harmful drinks and sparkling water. Scientists from the University named after Ben-Gurion came to the conclusion that the fizzy drinks cause damage to almost all systems and organs. Fizzy drinks are toxic to intestinal bacteria and thus have a negative impact on the human body as a whole.

Energy drinks bring the body more harm than good — their property to complete the energy scientists believe the illusion. Energy drinks stimulate the body to more active production of its own energy, which greatly depletes his resources increases the load on the heart.

Что не стоит пить каждый день: названы самые вредные напитки

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From packaged fruit juices experts also suggest to refuse. The production of juices is that after all the manipulations in the drink is virtually no vitamins and minerals. Packaged juices can contain excessively high amounts of sugar, some contain cheaper for the production of sweeteners.

We will remind, named drinks that afflict the stomach.

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