What not to do with the car in the bitter cold, not to hurt him

Winter is already fully came into their possession, so we are still waiting for the snowfall, and extreme cold.

In the winter months, motorists are harder to take care of their vehicles. Besides, doing some things with the car in the cold is not recommended.

So, we suggest to familiarize with some rules about what not to do with the car in the bitter cold, so as not to harm the personal vehicle.

We are constantly in a hurry, so very often you just want to jump in your car and quickly get to the point of arrival. Summer is usually what happens, but in winter the challenge is slightly more complicated.

You cannot use the boiling water in a strong frost

Many motorists in order to save time for a quick defrosting of the Windows and mirrors use boiling water, assuming that irrigation with boiling water, it will thaw faster. This wrong judgment, and pour boiling water can not in any case, because of the sharp drop in the temperature of the glass may crack and the paint to crack, then these places will start to corrode.

In winter it is necessary to clean the car from snow

The rush in the morning can lead to undesirable consequences, especially if you are driving a car. In order to save time, many drivers are not very well clear your car of snow and ice. This leads to the fact that a period of time the motorist has to drive in poor visibility conditions that may cause a crash.

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So if the car was snowed in, it is better to leave ten minutes earlier in the morning and well clear their vehicle of snow and ice.

Do not use WD-40 for defrosting locks

Many drivers think that frozen door locks of the vehicle faster razminutsya, if you handle them a popular lubricant WD-40. However, this view is also wrong, because if you apply grease, the locks can freeze even more.

In addition, motorists used WD-40 to zazywanie door rubber seals, so that they are not frozen to the body. Experts believe that this is not a good idea. This task will cope better, for example, silicone grease.

It doesn’t take much to warm up the car in winter

It is not a rule, but just wish motorists who complain that in winter the fuel consumption is greatly increased. There is no need to warm up the car for 10-15 minutes as it is just a waste of fuel.

You can slightly warm up the vehicle, and then slowly to go. So your car warms up much faster.

You can’t drive in the winter with an empty tank

If in the winter time of the year to go with the half-empty tank car, it starts accumulating water due to temperature difference. This leads to the fact that the walls of the tank collects the condensate, which is a drop flows down to the bottom of the tank. And water can cause significant damage to the fuel system of your vehicle.

In winter it is necessary to abandon the handbrake

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Probably, many drivers encountered trouble when winter left the car overnight with the Parking brake on. So, about the e-brake in the winter it is better to forget, because in the morning you can just not to go anywhere as the rear pads can tightly stick. And unfreeze them is not so easy.

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